Process   flow   to   purchase   the   product   and   service   –   end   to   end

Event Panda chooses to eliminate middlemen and so many processes in the purchase &  
service process. We don’t charge anything from our clients/customers. As our process is
very well organized.

We charge our partners/ vendors for purchasing packages that contains lead count. Once a user searches for some service, we forward that lead to the service provider and for each lead a certain amount is charged from the service provider. Our packages are based on yearly, lead count based subscriptions.  

Our purchase & service process starts by a customer identifying the range of varied partners
from the wide list of services/verified partners available on the website. After identification of
the products/service, a customer selects the products/services they would wish to purchase.
On the other hand, respected partners/vendors will signup at event panda for free. As our
Partners/Vendors will buy package leads from us, we will notify them as soon as a lead
comes through. When any customer/client searches for a particular partner/vendor, package
leads bought by that partner/vendor starts decreasing.This is a routine procedure followed
by most. We charge our partners/vendors for leads that we provide & no end customer is
charged for using our website/services.

In the event that the selected product/service is not available, the system automatically
notifies the customer/client. If there is a similar product/service to the one out of stock
available, the customer/client is also notified. But we strive our best to get the service quick
in stock and make it available to the customer. Also, make them aware of the same.

Should the customer/client not be interested in the suggested option, the system has the
option of placing an order and notifying the customer/client of the waiting time. If a
customer/client is comfortable with the waiting time, they can place an order awaiting
delivery. Otherwise, the whole process can be canceled. This is the best part about it. It is
completely automated to make things simple.

The system gives the customer/client all the payment options available, and after adding all
required items /services, the system automatically captures the details and generates the
sales invoice.

There is a list to show the payment options that are available to a customer which may
include but not limited to the following:

Credit Cards
Debit Cards
Online Payment

Credit cards and debit cards are fast and efficient since the customer just keys in the card
number and the system will automatically process the payment.

After making the payment, the system automatically generates an online receipt which has a
unique identification code for the sale which should be produced during delivery. This code
is emailed to the customer.

Using the client's details previously provided under account creation, the service provider team will be in a position to efficiently provide the service to the customer/clients.  


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