Now, what is a Bachelor or Bachelorette party? It’s a party to celebrate your last day as a single person! It’s time to get together with your closest friends and party!
We will find you the perfect venue to suit Your choice of location, type of event, size of event and budget. We can also find you local accommodation if it is not available at your chosen venue.

We offer:

  • A complete package for a hen party (ladies) or a stag party (gents).
  • Package includes pick-up (car of your choice) and safe dropping off.
  • Choose your destination/ have us choose the perfect place for you.


A little bit of wine can loosen a few tongues. A cocktail dinner can be a formal or informal gathering, but this is a wedding so let it be informal. People will be mingling, socializing and exchanging chit-chat, with a couple of good drinks and good food at hand.

What do we offer?
We at Cocktail Party Organiser in Patna take the issue of choosing drinks seriously. Drinks will be served according to season, winter or summer. We also:

  • Take care of the venue
  • Bartending issues
  • Invitations to the guests-whether by telephone or written
  • Food – hors d’oeuvres or buffet


Every wedding is customized to your specific needs and desires. With over many years experience, we will provide nothing but high quality entertainment on your special day.Standard DJ teams & Dance teams using state of the art digital sound equipment. A great selection of music for your ceremony, cocktail hour and reception.Qawwali,DJ packages,Aarkestra,Light Shows, Party Giveaways, Favors, more!


Artist Management
We are the best in the business when it comes to artist management. We represent outstanding artists pan India. We provide tailored services to our clientele. We have a well-placed network with all types of artists and offer complete solutions for managing professional artists such as actors, playback singers, stand-up comedians, dancers, acrobats, etc. We understand the requirements of our clientele and work hard to meet their expectations.

Celebrity Management
Aura is a leading company when it comes to celebrity management. We provide expert solutions for celebrity promotions, celebrity appearances, celebrity performances at various events, etc. We take care of the work schedule, bookings, travel, stay, etc. of the celebrities for our clients. Our expert team is known for managing such large-scale events with professionalism and in a well organised manner. Our well appreciated celebrity co-ordination and management services are bound to make your event a special one.


A light and sound show involves the use of lasers with music and narration to create a story right in front of you or just have lights moving to the beat of your favourite songs. We’ll help you with choosing what you want. 

We can supply sound & lighting for the following events. Once again u’ll find excellent rates and professional workmanship.

  • Fashion shows
  • Talent shows
  • Shop opening
  • Weddings bands
  • Indoor / Outdoor stage events


This can be the final act of the elaborate play that is the wedding. The fireworks will light up the sky as the newly-weds drive off into the horizon to begin your journey of life together.

What do we offer?
Fireworks come in different shapes, sizes and with different impacts. Want to announce to the world you’re married? Choose the biggest and loudest rockets. Want to have a simpler and smaller send off? End the night on a bright note with smaller rockets and more earth-bound crackers.

We’re here to free you from the hassle of choosing the best brands, buying them, having them stored and set off, etc. Hold hands and drive off or watch the spectacular show with everyone; this is your day.