Event Panda is known for the well sorted measures which it encompasses so as to help efficiently the organization to carry forward the propaganda of the conference or seminar, whether it is to make a brand visible to the target customer or launch of a new brand, our experienced event managers handles such events efficiently.
Our event services have been appreciated by the customers for the high accuracy kept up by us. From the outfitting, types of gear, nourishment, settlement to other distinctive plans, we attempt every one of the undertakings adequately and complete the professionally. The complete procedure of occasion arranging and getting sorted out is finished by our gifted experts in order to infer precise and best results for the customers. , we deal with each angle that makes a corporate occasion an immense achievement.


At Event Panda, we understand the gravity of a successful Dealers / Investors meet in the welfare of any organization. Our Event Managers roll up their sleeves and leave no stone unturned to deliver to our client the best possible services when it comes to organizing a well-structured event along with keeping an eye on general solicitation.


Annual Day in any organization generally comes under Annual Meets under the spectrum of corporate events. Event Panda Managers are known for organizing seamless Annual General Meets. From perfect location to perfect floor plan we do it all, efficiently. They say the devil is in the details and we at Event Panda understand it well, be it crisp sound and video quality for better understanding to the web audience through webcasting or apt cue nothing goes amiss from our experienced Event Managers.


Well, awards night are supposed to be dazzling, from the moment the guest arrives until they leave, every moment has to be sparkling. Events like Awards Night requires great deal of staging connection and encapsulating sound, vision and styling altogether. Along with the staging connection, the proper use of space, table configuration and also multimedia presentation and everything, at Event Panda we take care of all.


With the pageant beauties walking down the stages with beautifully designed clothes, is what a general fashion show really is. But when we organize a fashion show, it will leave the audience mesmerized with every eye watching the ramp. Our themed fashion shows are unparalleled and are also a premium event for you and others to enjoy.


With the space provided for each stall and more space to walk around, our exhibitions are a great experience both for the client and the consumer. Many amenities are provided by our team, and quite a few attractions will be there in each exhibition we organise. We organise an exhibition in such a manner that it is always unique and different so that it grabs the eyes of the people and induces them to attend the exhibition.


The product is best received when it reaches millions of them and creates an impact. We are known to create a buzz and great hype of the product during the launch that all will crave to buy the product. No wonder a great start for the product means that your potential buyers are more and profit is also going to be more.


With many malls coming up in the cities, there has to be something different in the mall to attract the masses. We are known to organise games and shows in the malls that have been proved to attract a lot more people to your product. A hum drum activity can be turned into fun and frolic only by our team of creative minds organising mall activity.