Planning Small Weddings During Lockdown: Know the Government Guidelines

by Admin Jun 16, 2020 at 06:01 pm WEDDING

Lockdown is the only word which you will hear these days on a regular basis. It is quite obvious as the nationwide lockdown was declared on 25 March 2020. Since then people are getting worried as well as impatient, especially in wedding matters. 

The government has now started introducing protocols to ease the lockdown and have allowed weddings to be held with a certain limit on the number of people who can attend or gather for the wedding.

Central and State Government have set some major rules to follow the Unlock 1. While the Central Government has announced the backbone of the protocols that are to be followed by all, some state governments are making minor changes according to the current scenario in their state.

You have to abide by these following government guidelines if you have planned to get married in 2020.

The Central Government Guidelines

  • A gathering of a maximum of 50 people, is allowed for the wedding. 

  • The vehicles used for transportation have to be personal vehicles only. No taxi/cabs or public transport is allowed.

  • Wearing a face mask at all times is compulsory, for all present at the wedding (inclusive of bride and groom)

  • Guestlist should not include people from Containment Zones.

  • No weddings will be allowed to be hosted in the Containment zones.

  • It is mandatory for all the guests and the hosts to download the Arogya Setu app.

  • Hand wash and sanitizers must be present at the venue.
With restrictions in place, very few marriages took place in the country, and most of them did not have any gatherings. In some instances, people had even violated restrictions by holding post-marriage parties.

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