Best Wedding Season To Get Married

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So many things to think about when it comes to planning a wedding. How many people to invite? What venue will you choose? What food will you serve? But before you can answer any of those questions, you probably want to decide when the big day is going to be.

According to wedding planners, there are actually better times of the year to get married than others — it all depends on what your priorities are.


If you want comfortable weather, the best season is probably autumn. But guys & gals... this can depend on your wedding location. The problem with searching for the best seasons weather-wise is that weather is very location-specific.

We would say the best times for people to get married are either September or October in the fall because the weather is always nice. September is probably the best time because it's on that cusp of the end of summer.

You can still have a summery feel, but if you really want to have a fall feel, you can still do a transitional fall look as well. The weather is always great. It's not too hot, it's not cold, and it's not snowing yet.

We would also like to add that the perfect time to get married is September and October in India because you have great sunsets, predictable weather, and usually the temperature is right in the middle.

Even if you choose an autumn wedding, you will want to research local weather patterns; especially if you are in a different area and you are not sure when the "good" weather is happening. So no matter what, always talk to a planner.

Autumn weddings tend to be popular, so it can get pricey. However, booking a wedding during this season normally means that venues, planners, photographers, videographers, etc. may be a little more expensive since many want to get married during this time.


If you are looking for a budget-friendly wedding, look into winter months because winter weddings can typically be more cost-effective; save some serious cash and still have a gorgeous wedding.

Even though the weather is not ideal in winter, you can get crafty with your budget because you can book vendors and venues at a lower price as you don't have much competition.

But, a winter wedding typically comes with unpredictable weather. So, it might get tough for you to invite a lot of out-of-town guests. Winter weddings are mainly challenging because the weather is harsh.

It can be totally unpredictable as weather can be anything from rain to wind to snow to variable temperatures, where it's hot during the day and cold at night. December can be a difficult month when it comes to conflicting schedules, yet you can get some great deals.

Although the weather can be tough to navigate if you are a winter person you'll gonna love it! December, January and February are good times to have a wedding because a winter wedding will be cheaper than an autumn wedding.\

Overall, winter weddings are a great option if you're OK with the weather because they can be very unique. You can have an amazing and budget-friendly wedding during the winter months if you are willing to prepare for the weather. Don't let the bad weather scare you off.


If floral arrangements are important to you, you might opt for a spring wedding. Springtime is a season where your elegant taste may shine the brightest.

For brides longing for neutral color palettes, table settings filled with whimsical blossoms and dreamy, romantic details—spring just may suit your fancy.

May is an amazing time to get married because the weather is often good, and you also have an abundance of flowers in season.


Summer weddings can be tricky as you won't want yourself or your guests gets all sweaty & mess up your make up. Brides who pick summertime crave carefree fun! Most likely, they won't want to keep guests inside you will be bringing friends and family out in the warm temps with mobile bars, & ceremonies on the beach.

In the summer, you may also have added costs and local events to consider. Summer weddings can get hot for you and your guests, so if being outside is important to you, you might have to shell out extra cash for air conditioning.

Overall, the season you choose depends on what matters the most to you and your partner. In the end, the best season to get married depends on what's important to you.

If you're looking for the best weather, autumn is your best bet. Winter is usually going to be difficult when it comes to weather, but it is much more cost-effective. If you want a summer wedding, it's important to work out a strategy with your planner and your partner.

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