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Tragic incidents can pop-out from anywhere, unfortunate events have shown that we aren't prepared for every type of security and safety issue. 

Planning a secured event has always been a part of the event industry, it is the most important strategy that comes to the organizer's mind more than ever. Security is playing a larger role in event planning and production we need to be on top of physical threats. Security Management includes map-out, prepare and execute security plans. Its agenda is to protect the audience, media person, service providers, etc. Asses your security risks, different events have different needs.

There are innumerable ways to save your guests and yourself from unforeseen circumstances like:


In case of fire at the event, use the fire extinguisher. Simultaneously, take the throng out of the venue safely. Develop a particular emergency exit plan for this. If the fire is intense and out of control then seek help from the fire brigade. There are a few safety measures you need to take and follow the fire code. Don,t place any combustible or inflammable material in the venue especially near guest rooms, or seating area. All materials including prop must be properly treated with fire retardant solutions. Make sure that the entrance and exit ways are not blocked by any means. The event venue must have a separate entrance and exit ways, fire alarm system, etc. 


When an event is organized multiple disturbance may occur, especially if you are organizing an event at a place where power failure is common, then you should have adequate power backup.

In case of power failure, switch on emergency lights and then turn on generators. Invertors & UPS gives you the ultimate facility. If you cannot arrange such types, you can also go for torch or candles.


The paramedical team along with ambulance is a necessary part of security service. If it is a bit pricey and doesn't fit your budget then at least a doctor with first aid box must be present. 

Your whole event team must be trained in giving CPR, controlling bleeding, effecting a prompt rescue.

If it is possible, gather the medical history of your guests in advance & and prepare a medical emergency program. 


Each event has a particular amount of a crowd, that is why one should have an array of manpower to handle all your event needs. We have a team of people providing services. In any event crowd control is important as they may reduce disputes among spectators by monitoring the guests' behavior, reporting any accidents and safety hazards.

That is why you must plan your security strategy during the planning process. The types of security you need will depend on the size, scope, location, and type of event you are planning. It is an integral part of any event, that's why one should never disregard security service.


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