Check On Yourself First, Before Searching for "The One" Part-1

by Admin Jun 29, 2020 at 03:54 pm MISCELLANEOUS

Thinking about getting into a relationship again and also expecting them to be your better half or "the one" who completes you? Kindly think again! 

Well... to be honest, we all are looking for a love story, a person who'll enter our lives and it will be happily ever after of our stories. 

It is not the same each time, half of the population in the whole world is heartbroken, or in depression as each per expect from the other to complete them or make them happy. No, it is not healthy, and it is definitely not the right way.

If you want a healthy, long-lasting relationship, make sure to have these 5 qualities before you start looking for that perfect match:


The sense of self-worth is mandatory here, if you will have a sense of self-worth, you won't settle for less in the relationship. 

You will know your worth and won't waste any time or energy on anyone who doesn't understand you and your importance in their life. You will know that you are already complete and there is less chance that you'll "settle" in a relationship.

Your Close Group of Friends

Have close friends is a bliss! A new relationship takes a big chunk of your time in the beginning and good friends will remind you to stay balanced. Having a stable group of comrades will provide you with an equilibrium. 

They will notice every little thing about you and your behavior, they will tell you if you aren't acting like yourself, and will help you out from difficult situations.

Reality Check of Relationships!

You need to know the honeymoon phase ain't gonna last forever, as the infatuation subsides and we go back to our normal routine, even though another person is now part of your routine you move along with your life, this doesn't mean your relationship is fizzling out or your partner is ignoring you or the spark is gone.

Long-term relationships don't work like that, it wasn't supposed to constantly function on high emotions. It is pathetic to know that, our society has portrayed an unrealistic view of romance either through movies or literature. 

It is important to remember for every person, that each person has their own set of flaws, ideas, and idiosyncrasies. In order to stay fresh in a relationship, one must remember, it takes efforts from both parties. 

Financial Independence

Financially independent means you have to worry less about your expenses if you get into a relationship. And it is also important that you know how to manage and to balance your finances. 

Being financially independent also means that you don't have to be dependent on somebody to keep you afloat. It not only built your self-confidence but also your sense of money management.

Let Go of That Ex!

Before entering into a new relationship all your feelings and attachments with your ex need to deal with! It is important that you completely moved on with your past relationship, so that, at the end of the day you don't end up comparing your current partner with your ex. Entering into a new relationship without resolving a previous one can lead to unnecessary drama.


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