9 Ring Ceremony Cake: Guide On How To Select A Divine Dessert For Your D-Day

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Ah, the wedding cake. The confectionary pièce de résistance of the big day. While everyone loves wedding cake, choosing what to serve for this momentous occasion is no cakewalk. 

For many couples, a photo of the newlyweds cutting the wedding cake or feeding it to each other finds its way into the wedding album.  It’s seen as an important symbol—the first thing husband and wife do together.

A traditional wedding cake has three tiers and each tier of a wedding cake has its own significance. Tradition has it that the bottom tier is for eating at the ceremony, the middle tier for distributing after the event, and the top tier was saved.

You've got your fillings and frostings, aplenty. More styles and visual adornments than we can ever even imagine. And then there are toppers and dessert tables, what not! We are pretty much sure you are getting overwhelmed.

1. Don't choose a cake until you've wedding theme decisions

You'll want a cake that's compatible with the look of your venue, the season, your wedding gown, the flower arrangements and the menu, RIGHT?

Arrive at your cake consultation prepared—you don't need to have a complete sketch in hand, but knowledge of basic terms will make it easier for everyone.

2. Have a budget in mind

Wedding cake cost can vary, but it generally ranges from Rs 4300 - 7000 and Rs 7000 - 11400(and beyond). 

It's easy to be wooed by blood orange filling and a multi-flavor cake when you're making decisions with a sugar buzz, but having a handle on your budget—and knowing what will affect it—will allow you to prioritize your choices.

For instance, more flavors equal more money; the more complicated the flavor, the bigger the price tag.

3. Match the cake height to your space

Usually, three tiers will serve 50 to 100, and you'll likely need five layers for 200 or more guests. Your cake should fit the space too—if your reception is in a grand ballroom, consider increasing the cake's stature with columns between the tiers

4. Don't choose the flavor based on what everyone else wants

Your wedding your rules! Besides being a showpiece, your cake should taste amazing too. When you meet with prospective bakers, taste lots of flavors. Don't be afraid to stray from lush vanilla and chocolate. 

And don't forget to sample fillings too, as it should be in your priority list. Many bakers are working with complex flavorings, like guava and mango or hazelnut and mocha. 

5. Do your research on the frosting

Do you prefer buttercream or fondant? Buttercream is often much more delicious. But if you love the smooth, almost surreal-like look of fondant, consider frosting the cake in buttercream first and then adding a layer of fondant over the entire confection. 

Whatever type of icing you choose, stick to colors your guests will want to eat. If your wedding hues are blue and green, opt for a white cake with subtle green-frosted accents.

6. Don't forget to consider the weather

If you're having an outdoor wedding in a hot climate, stay away from whipped cream, meringue and buttercream (they melt). Ask your baker about summer icing options or opt for a fondant-covered cake, which holds up much better against the heat.

7. Do a budget for extra details

When it comes to decoration, adornment costs run the gamut. The most inexpensive option is fresh fruits or flowers that, in some instances, can be applied by your florist for a minimal fee. 

On the high end are delicate gum-paste or sugar-paste flowers, which are constructed by hand, one petal at a time. 

8. Do give your cake the spotlight

There are many beautiful and unique ways to top your cake. If you have an heirloom piece—especially a fine porcelain antique—work with your baker to integrate it into the cake's design.

Other alternatives include a bouquet of sugar flowers, a cascade of icing ribbons or even a sugar block carved to reveal your new monogram. Look to your locale as well. 

A cluster of coral can look stunning for a beachside celebration, or try a fondant snowflake for a winter wedding. Or don't use one at all—some designs look great without a topper.

9. Don't forget to eat your cake 

Couples often don't get a chance to eat their own wedding cake (besides the bite you feed each other). Ask your caterer to save some extra for you. Share it with your new spouse post-wedding for a late-night snack or as a post-wedding brunch dessert.

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