Wedding Videography: The Terms You Need to Know Pt. 2

by Admin May 06, 2020 at 04:34 pm WEDDING

The presence of a wedding photographer and videographer is considered most important as wedding photographs are a crucial part of any wedding. They are the memories of your D-day, a wedding video helps you have a mini-story of your wedding with the sound and movement, and is as important as wedding photographs.

A wedding video is a lifetime investment that you can re-live and re-play even after a decade or two. As we age, memories start to fade away. But, the wedding videos give couples the opportunity to relive all the memories of their special day.

Wedding videos are time-travel. You can go back in the time and re-live all those pretty moments of your life, with your wedding videos. Wedding videos can help couples can make time standstill.

So, here we are again with all the terms you need to know as you start comparing and narrowing down the videographers in your area. As well as help you learn about wedding videography packages, and figure out to get the most for your money. 

Feature-Length Video

This type of video is a longer wedding video, but still an edited-down version of your ceremony and reception. It’s often one to two hours long, but the length varies from videographer to videographer. 

Be sure to watch some samples from your videographer to learn more about his or her style. So that you can request your ideas and suggestions, whether its documentaries or cinematic.

Raw Footage

Your wedding is full of ceremonies and rituals. Some videographers provide all of the unedited, raw footage from your big day in their wedding videography packages, while others may price it separately. 

The footages are usually several hours long, but you will be able to enjoy each moment of your ceremonies and wedding day, the unedited raw version.

Video Format

It is also important for you to know how your wedding will be presented. DVDs, Blu-Ray, USB drives, Vimeo links, and Dropbox are all popular options. Receiving a digital copy is preferred, as you won’t have to order extra DVDs to share with loved ones.

Teaser or Trailer

For the social media butterfly couples, a teaser video is usually quite short (around a minute long) and can be easily shared on Instagram or Facebook. 

Couples these days obviously flaunt their lavish wedding day, share the joy with the world and give plenty of style statement and couple goals by this. 

Videographers can often provide this before your final edited wedding video is ready as a sneak peeks of what’s to come.

Same-Day Edit

In this, a video editor will create a highlight video featuring the early part of your day (pre-wedding and ceremony) to share during your reception, if you really can't wait to watch your final wedding video.

Drone Footage

Drones are totally trending right now, and if you’re getting married in a large outdoor setting, it might be worth looking into. The overhead footage provides a unique perspective to your day, and adds an eye-catching element to your final video—but it usually costs extra.

Your wedding day is probably the biggest, most romantic, most memorable day of your life so far!  You want a videographer who can capture not only the style, the glamour, and the luxury, but also the fun, the joy, and the love. Whether you're looking for a lavish, sweeping, cinematic film of your day, like the two-shooter film above, complete with steady-cam and all-day multiple camera coverage or a simple but artistic, creative and emotive documentation, we have packages to suit every budget.


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