7 Trending Ways To Decor Your Wedding With Roses

by Admin Mar 21, 2020 at 12:44 pm WEDDING

Roses are known as the queen of flowers, it is a classic and timeless flower frequently used in wedding decor so we have listed down various other ways to include roses at your Big Day.

Roses are replete with symbolic meaning. During the Victorian era, the book The Language of Flowers created an ultra-romantic language for lovers' correspondence in which flowers replaced words. Some sweet signifiers: White and red roses together=unity; orange roses=fascination; coral=desire; pale pink=grace; lavender=enchantment; and red=true love.

Try not to let "negative" connotations hinder your inclination toward yellow roses ("infidelity"); white rosebuds ("a heart that is ignorant of love"); primroses ("inconstancy"); or deep, dark red roses ("bashful shame").

Some floral designers may prefer choosing roses for your bouquet and other decor based solely on old-fashioned codes, but you might as well obey your inner sentimentalist. 

Any rose you choose will be an exquisite, right-for-you expression of emotion, personality, and style. Our associations with roses are as equally diverse. 

Check out some amazing ways to include roses at your wedding:

1.Rose as Jewellery

Floral jewellery is a new blossom love for all the brides. From Gota jewellery to the fresh flower jewelry, brides are nowadays crushing over it. Fresh roses will create a magical aura around the bride and everyone around her. Floral accessories have been in trend and this one with wrist roses is just so unique that we have already bookmarked it. 

2.Rose as Centerpieces

Decor at your is a thing that can not be neglected as it will be a reflection of you and your partner. Marriage is a lifetime affair and you can't ignore a tiny mistake. And most importantly you will obviously want to deck up the tables at the wedding. Enchanting roses as centerpieces are something that will make the decor look classy.

3.Rose as Palla

Using rose palla instead of cloth palla is unique and trending, it is not only fashionable but absolutely fit perfect for the modern couple who really want to do something different. 

4.Rose Jaimala

Roses never go out of style! You just have to pick one color or more that goes best with your outfit. Roses have their own charm and can work wonders when turned into jaimalas. All you've gotta do is pick a color.  You should choose us because we work to give quality services to our clients at very affordable prices.

5.Rose as Cake 

Roses are the most beautiful and charming of all flowers. Imagine how delicious a cake would taste topped with beautifully decorated roses made up of delicious cream. Every bite will be a heavenly experience that your taste buds can never forget at the wedding. It will be a lifetime experience... wouldn't it be?

6.Rose in Bridal Bun

Bridal buns are the go-to hairdo for brides on their wedding day! Most of the brides are all head over heels for roses... & why won't they be? Bridal Bun with roses have an exquisite charming appeal, their unparalleled beauty, and refreshing fragrance, roses are one of the best and most beloved flowers.

7.Rose as Phoolon Ki Chadar

As we know that phoolon ki chadar is one of the most important elements of a wedding. Make sure you ace walking down that aisle with your perfect chadar. 

These utterly alluring ways to include roses at your weddings should be bookmarked instantly because these are so unique and trending in their own way. Brides who are specifically fans of roses, this article should top your list and we bet this will be very helpful to you in the near future. How can you not include roses at your wedding? We agree it is kind of cliche but as we have mentioned earlier, it is surely a timeless flower. Contact us for more details.


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