Trending Destination Wedding Locations:2020 & 2021

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Indian weddings are by nature, grand and add a picturesque location to this , and you have yourself an exotic destination wedding. There’s an exciting variety of wedding destinations to choose around the world. 

Another lap around the sun means a new opportunity to think creatively about your big day. While some couples prefer to say ‘I do’ in their hometowns, others seek far-away places with rolling green hills or an ocean so blue it’s unbelievable.

If you and your fiance are looking for exciting destinations to exchange vows, consider some of the hottest destination wedding trends. There are several destination wedding trends worth looking into.

St. Lucia

St. Lucia oozes a lot of the same vibes like Hawaii. With dramatic mountains, volcanic beaches, and plenty of diving opportunities, the adventurous couple looking to hike, snorkel and explore the wildlife will be happy to get married in St Lucia.

The country is accessible in terms of flight options and affordability for guests. Many resorts and venues offers all-inclusive wedding packages, which isn’t as common in Hawaii. It is also affordable compared to Hawaii.

Havelock Island

Havelock Island in the Andaman and Nicobar makes for that perfect moment and place for a destination wedding in India with blue skies and crystal water around you. 

Rates would obviously be lower during the off-season. So, if you are on a budget, then it is best to book in advance for the off-season. 

Silky sand beaches, clear blue waters, beautiful corals, and lush forests, Havelock Island is the definition of true beauty. Ideal for both, relaxation and adventure, the island is a paradise, indeed.

São Paulo

Jetsetting couples enjoy Spain but they are actively looking for a less-traveled destination to host their wedding, like São Paulo, Brazil. It’s a tad more adventurous and definitely less expensive. 

Many love the idea of waterfalls or marrying on a mountain or cliff, so this area is certainly for the fearless duo that want to ‘wow’ their family and friends.

As a bonus, the food and beverage options in the area are crowd-pleasers, and there’s enough diversity to suit everyone’s taste buds. 


Amid the lush green hills with turquoise streams, Shimla has become one of the hot favourite locations for a destination wedding in India. Want to treat your eyes to the most scenic vistas and coolest of breezes? Shimla is one of the top 10 hill stations in India. 

Families, youngsters, and honeymooners; this hill station has been a perfect getaway for everyone since the last 50 years. The best season would, of course, be during summer if you and your soon to be spouse are planning destination wedding. Obviously, it can be low-budget as well as beautiful at the same time. 


There’s something novel about Iceland that’s making it a go-to hub for destination weddings, the rolling hills, gorgeous lakes, and moody color palettes are always travel favorites, so it’s no surprise that Iceland is rising as one of the best places to marry.

Lovestruck honeymooners will find no better location to celebrate their recent wedding than Iceland, a land famed for its ethereal landscapes, creative culture and wide range of exciting tour activities. 

For those that want both the natural beauty and accessibility of a wedding location that’s still off the beaten path, couples planning their wedding will be glad to know that this country has it all. 


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