Tips On How To Stick To Your Wedding Budget

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When it comes to setting the wedding budget, it always seems easy to plan it but it’s one thing to set a wedding budget, but it’s another thing completely to STICK TO IT! However, we can say that setting a budget is the easy part. where discuss how to look at your personal finances and monthly expenses to calculate the perfect number for you. 

So, what is the next step after you set your wedding budget? What should you do to adhere to it? Don't get stressed out young fellas because you know event panda got your back. Today we are here with the top 5 tips to help you stick to your wedding budget below!

1. Identify Your Priorities

The first and foremost thing to follow in wedding planning is to identify your priorities and your principle of life, to focus on your core values. 

Then you will act according to that your values and principle will guide you through especially when it comes to spending money. Your vision is important here, as it is YOUR wedding and YOU are the main planner here and your whole wedding depends on your budget (decision). 

Your vision should be based on you and your partner's shared values and priorities for your lives, and as an extension, your wedding day. 

2. Get Organized & On Track

The process of wedding planning is a tedious task and requires a lot of brainstorming. So, make sure everything you do we well organized so that you do not get confused or messed up in the last moments. 

If you really wish to go things in a very pleasant manner you should jot down event the smallest thing on your list. Find a system that works for you and make sure to keep track of EVERYTHING so you really know where you stand financially. You can start making a spreadsheet and save it to google drive so you won't lose your details.

3. Consider Unseen Wedding Costs and Extras

It is quite obvious that at weddings there are many unseen or hidden costs that can burst on your face anytime, so better be prepared for it.

Even if you plan on hosting an intimate gathering instead of an over the top wedding day, there is still a lot of preparations involved. You'll likely pay in overtime costs for everyone from the photographer to the DJ. 

Overtime Wage 

If you have a rough estimate for how much you need to save, try to save a bit more than that for the inevitable expenses that pop up late in the game. 

When your guests are having fun, & the people are hopping on the music it might extend an hour or two, which means you might have to pay the DJ, photographer or videographer overtime wages.

Tipping Your Pros 

Make sure to account for tipping costs when you first start drafting your budget. For the driver who will drive your family, guests, relatives, and friends, the hotel concierge who delivers your welcome bags. To the vendors who helped you by his/her advice/tips, as they deserved it show them your gratitude by tipping.

Vendor Trials

If you insist on floral decor, or bridal makeup it is obvious that the prewedding trials aren't always free. You might have to pay for it, if you make repeated changes, you risk being billed. So, it is absolutely important that you pay attention to it and include it in your draft.

Miscellaneous Extras
Miscellaneous extras may add up as handing over money to the band who plays at the Baraat or to the Ghodi owner and Dholwalas too.  Going "just over budget" in a few different categories, with a vague plan of making it up somewhere else, can push you past your limit without realizing it. 

3. Fixation On Your Maximum Spending

Be clear about how much you’re willing to spend, and where the money will come from.

 It is immensely necessary about the determination of the willingness of spending money on your wedding. 

Make a plan, and come up with a firm figure that you are not willing to go beyond, even if you technically could afford to spend more. It will not only help you to focus on other important things but also save you some extra bucks! 

4. Be Flexible With How You Allocate Your Funds

It takes discipline, but if you’re committed to not overspending, it’s sometimes what it takes! Yes, we are talking about making necessary cuts and adjustments in your budget. 

If you spend less than you budgeted for in a certain area, feel free to reallocate those funds toward another area of the wedding. For instance, if you fall for a photographer’s work that’s a bit over the price you’d planned for, you may have to deduct from your dress or catering fund to compensate.

5. Protect yourself from Falling Into The Comparison Trap

Yes, Prevent yourself from wedding inspiration overload, ignore the peer pressure, and never fall into the comparison trap based on what other friends or family have done. Belive us your wallet will thank you! You don’t want to fall for the extra bling and spoil the all over planned budget. 

So even though your budget may shift to accommodate new costs, you will still have the money saved, and you will be able to stick to your wedding budget in that you shall still going to be able to pay for everything upfront. As we all know wedding doesn't stop till the ceremonies, the newlywed couple has their honeymoon planned and it will be a lifetime experience so it's better to stick to the wedding budget. 


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