Know-How Vendors are Doing In-Person Wedding Planning Tasks Online

by Admin Apr 30, 2020 at 05:38 pm WEDDING

It’s no secret that couples around the world have been spending much more time at home lately due to the COVID-19 crisis.  While we hope you and your person are enjoying lots of quality time together, game nights, and Netflix binges, we know you probably can’t help but think about wedding planning tasks right now. 

Couples who are planning their wedding during coronavirus pandemic have how to become more organized, familiar with making big decisions, they have potential backup plans and getting fluent in virtual communication with their vendors. Wedding planning is no easy feat! Most of you probably have felt like it’s a part-time job at some point, and we feel you. That is why many vendors are flexing their creativity by really putting some new and exciting ideas to help the couples out while they are comfortably at their home. 

Almost all the brides are already browsing their wedding Lehengas, Saaries, and accessories. As a response to many states’ stay at home orders, wedding vendors are taking nearly every task online — from design meetings to showroom visits to overall event management. 

Event Panda strongly belives that this Coronavirus pandemic can't crush our enthusiasm, and it definitely doesn't mean that we will stop working on our to-do list. Instead, we’re sharing how top vendors have quickly adapted with new virtual experiences to keep couples and their wedding plans right on track.

Trips Of Virtual Shopping 

All nonessential shopping hubs are closed now, so many couples now prefer online shopping trips. Vendors are now thinking out of the box to help couples make those all-important event selections. Many couples are now strictly opting the online shopping trips, to their phone screens as they select everything from table linens to floral arrangements.

For design-related planning, many vendors are opting virtual showroom appointments to make rental selections. Also, many vendors, like stationery designers and floral designers are offering video calls to walk through vision and design boards.

Digital Collaborating via Screen

While it’s always ideal to see and touch rental and decor selections in-person, that’s not stopping vendors from helping their couples bring their wedding vision to life. 

Yeah, we know event designing is not easy at all, and event panda always encourages one thing the most is an event planning and designing. We are also aware of the fact that in this pandemic it's difficult to design the event in-person, however, this doesn't stop vendors from helping couples out. 

Numerous couples have started planning the decor virtually. They are including mood boards, it can be used to convey a general idea or feeling about a particular topic virtually. Or through video calls and virtual meetings are normal these days for them.

Menu Planning

Menu planning and food tastings are essential components of wedding planning, but social distancing guidelines have forced many wedding vendors to find new and inventive workarounds. When it comes to creative ideas, we humans all find another way around!

Some caterers are responding to the pandemic by offering to-go boxes for couples to pick up and taste test from home. While it may not be the tasting they’d originally planned on, vendors are working to ensure couples can still experience the next best thing. 

Virtual Beauty Consultants On-board

Whether its bridal hair, wedding attire, or makeup trials all for now have taken a backseat in light of the coronavirus, but planners are still encouraging brides to keep up virtual communication with their wedding day beauty team. From henna artists to DJs you can always find another way around to communicate and plan things your way. Although in-person beauty trials may be currently on hold, vendors are advising brides to keep busy by curating their favorite inspirational photos and developing healthy skincare regimes in the meantime.


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