10 Things Grooms Should Refrain From Before The Big Day

by Admin Mar 18, 2020 at 01:58 pm WEDDING

Getting hitched is as valuable for a guy as much as it is for a girl. From feeling highly strung about leaving bachelorhood behind, to being exhilarated to share the rest of their lives together and there is a lot happening inside of them.

The eve before you say "I do" will be one of the most anticipating nights of your life, and it should be spent celebrating the joys of your future to come with your soon-to-be spouse.  

Avoid Late Nights

Don't stay up late. Going to bed early the night before your wedding should be your top priority. Avoiding caffeine and shutting off your phone will all be ways to help ensure you get a good night's sleep.

If you are anxious and find yourself lying awake, taking a warm bath, reading a book, or making a list of things that are worrying you and send it to your wedding planner.

No Lazing Around Or Getting Tipsy

Watching your intake of alcohol is mandatory for any groom because you don’t want to be stumbling at your mandap or be drunk while you say your vows.

It is your day, don't ruin it by getting drunk and suffering from hangovers, it's important that like your would-be wife, you should also work and make things easy for your family. If you will laze around and are busy getting tipsy with your amigos, it will be unfair and ruin your image in front of everyone including your bride.

Wave Red Flag To Heavy Meals

No matter your shape, size, schedule or wedding style, every groom deserves to look and feel absolutely incredible, from inside out. While brides are often shedding for the wedding, grooms also want to look and feel great for their big day.

So, to achieve that goal you must watch your diet and avoid eating too much oily/deep-fried food or spicy food as it may give you an upset stomach. The day before and the day of your wedding, go with what you know and avoid trying something new or exotic that might affect your system.

Ignoring Symptoms Of Sickness

Given the amount of stress and pressure you're under, it's no surprise if your immune systems are slightly underperforming. So, do not ignore these symptoms, if you wake up on the morning of your wedding to find yourself sick, it's important to gauge your symptoms and keep an eye out for anything concerning.

Despite feeling sick, if none of your symptoms are extremely alarming, there are of course ways you can still enjoy your wedding. And luckily, adrenaline and excitement may just keep you going for most of the evening, too.

Don't Neglect Trying out Your Wedding Outfit

We know how stressful wedding shopping can get especially when you particularly don't like shopping much. Most of the grooms don't really care about the clothes they wear, so it is better if you try on your clothes as it possible that you might have gained or lost a little weight.

Unless you’ve done your outfit fittings one week prior to the wedding, it’s crucial that you try out ALL your outfits. Most grooms buy their pre-wedding outfits a few months prior and have it hanging in the closet.

Don't call your Ex

Ask your conscience... is this a good idea??? A big NO, that is what your conscience would say! However, you don't want your former flame showing up at your wedding. Bad idea and a little pathetic.  Are you sure you really want to get married?

Think twice about getting married if you are having serious doubts. Why in the world would you want to contact your ex just before your wedding? Nothing Goodwill ever comes out of this temptation. However, this may also ruin your impression in front of your spouse.  

Experimenting With Your Hair

Your wedding is the day when you wish to standout and experiments are fun but experimenting with your hair before the wedding day is absolutely not fun! If you haven’t ever colored your hair before, don’t do it one week prior to your wedding week.

You may not like it and may have to end up spending more time getting it fixed! However, if you get some new kind of haircut or beard design the day before your wedding and it doesn't look nice, then remember, your wedding photos will always serve as a reminder. Massive red flag!

Don't Be Impatient Or Angry

Dropping the ball when it comes to vendor negotiations, yes... yes... we know that dealing with vendors, families and wedding guests is a tough job indeed! Sometimes situations get out of control & everyone is just hovering around making you crazy like hell!

For instance, you may not like the way a vendor is performing, or you may not like the particular gesture of a particular guest. Your own bride may be freaking out about almost everything, damn! This might bring out the hidden groomzilla inside of you. However, this doesn't mean you have to lose your temper or patience. Try to stay calm & focused and handle something like this in a peaceful manner.


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