#ChoreographerEmergency: Because You Want To Be Graceful For Your Big Day Events!

by Admin Mar 06, 2020 at 05:53 pm WEDDING

Wouldn't it be an embarrassing or fearful moment for any couple if their dance came out far inferior to the romantic dream they've cooked up together? Don't get anxious people, Event Panda got your back! Choreography is an artistic opportunity to express one's personality through the creation of dance. 

 Our choreographer partners are highly professional & talented. You wouldn’t want to put up an underwhelming show where none of your family members want to participate, right? You would want everyone to revel in your joy, after all! 

Working with a professional to bring your ideas to life will help soften the nerves during your sangeet ceremony dance with your partner, which happens to be one of the most memorable parts of your upcoming wedding day. 

Apart from the bride and the groom, the family and friends will also be spending excess time in preparation for the sangeet ceremony, that is why it's very important that the choreographer maintains a good attitude in front of them. Not everybody is a dancer, but many do like the art of dancing; so the choreographer needs to be super patient and friendly. 

As well as while training the choreographer must not lose his/her temper or show any kind of bad behavior. He/she should also be able to fix simple steps and nothing complicated because your family and friends are not here to copy or battle a movie star! So, it needs to be simple but pleasing to the eyes too.

You have to be too naive to think that people looking for fun aren’t looking for some really good dancing and well-organized choreography. Yet you have to keep in mind that just because you're paying the person a huge amount of money doesn't mean you have to make him choreograph more songs than needed! 

So, you need some expert tips to do it right. Here is all the help you need.

  • You will need to decide upon a list of wedding songs to dance to. 
  • Do not avoid signature dance moves of the tracks you are dancing to.
  • Planning has to be perfect. The space you need, the clothes you wear, the duration you play each track, etc.
  • The entry dance is vital because it will be very different from the sangeet ceremony dance.
  • You need more preparations than just choreography and song mixing. For instance, shoes for dancing.
  • Stage rehearsals are important because when you are going for a full out dance performance you will need to see the stage. 
  • Dress rehearsals
  • You need to make sure that your outfit is not too out of place for the songs you are dancing to.
  • To pep things up a little, background music is essential like, a band, a DJ or have some dhol.
  • Refreshments room is the crucial part of any wedding ceremony as, after all that dancing, your folks will be thirsty & exhausted.

So, if you want the wedding to be memorable then plan your evening in a more creative and entertaining way by hiring professional and talented choreographers from our wide range. Reserve your choreographer today! For more details contact us.


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