Getting Engaged During COVID? 5 Ways to Announce Online

by Admin Apr 28, 2020 at 04:20 pm WEDDING

Getting hitched is so overwhelming, and exciting at the same time. This is the milestone of your life, like for anybody it's an overwhelming idea to just spend the rest of your lives together forever. 

A monumental decision that will change your world entirely, share this incredible news with your close friend and family. 

However, if you’re getting engaged in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, chances are your engagement looks a little different than you imagined. 

After deciding to get married, many couples choose to celebrate by having an engagement photoshoot, if you have portrait mode in your i phone you are pretty sorted.

 Engagement photos allow couples to announce their engagement in their own unique way, and they also make a wonderful keepsake after the wedding. 

Although, this pandemic has bought so much sadness and frustration to couples, but not to worry lovebirds! If you’ve recently become engaged and are trying to think of ways to announce your engagement from home, we’re here to help you!


If you have a fur baby with you... what else do you guys need, right? Click some cute and adorable pictures, make good use of this isolation creating unique ideas. Your imagination is your limit! 

You can try multiple ideas like - have them dress up, share a photo with what your pet might be thinking, or get a cute bandana or collar that says, 'Will you marry me?' The moment you will post it on social media, a pile of like, love, and sweet comments pop up! 


Going live on Facebook is really a new trend these days, it is a wide and interesting platform to announce anything big or small.  For a really exciting and unforgettable engagement announcement, message, text, or email all your close friends and family with information about when to tune into your Facebook Live.

Going live on Facebook is a big step so for side notes just remember that you and your beloved are all set to come in front of everybody - dress up real nice and rehearsed well and let the magic unfold! 


Well, social media and the people on ie are having some serious crush over TikTok, as we are isolated from the world on our own with very little to do. So, take advantage of this situation and announce the incredible news to your family and friends through this platform. 

TikTok have plenty of features and fun filters, music clips and unique recording capabilities. Create a romcom video that blows everyone's mind and however, you can also keep that treasure for the future. 


You can host a virtual party, on google hangout or on Facebook like a house party. Houseparty is a face to face social network. Spend time with people you care about. Where being together is as easy as showing up. 

We encourage couples to get creative with their announcement by hosting a virtual engagement party. Group video chat to help you and your friends be together when you're not together. 


Most of the couples keep the proposal part to themselves, if that’s more your style, you do you! Yet a great way to share the big news with everyone is posting a "story" of your engagement story! 

In other words, you and your fiance can upload a picture or a screenshot on Facebook and Instagram both of that moment and briefly describe the back story. However, you can even do a Boomerang or add fun effects!! 


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