After COVID Restrictions are Lifted, Here is How Weddings Be Like Pt. 1

by Admin May 14, 2020 at 05:01 pm WEDDING

As we are still unknown with the scenario of what life will be like over the next few months, we know that weddings, after COVID gathering restrictions are lifted, will look somewhat different. 

Many couples have postponed their weddings to later this year, wedding professionals have already started to talk about how to make events joyful, romantic and yes most definitely, safer.

So, here in this blog, we are going to talk about what weddings after COVID restrictions will look like. Of course, much of this depends on the Government guidelines and state and local regulations, but we predict that many of these new ideas will be implemented in the coming months. 

If you are planning a wedding to take place after COVID restrictions are lifted, read on these incredible ideas for hosting a memorable event.

Guest List

We can't deny the fact that when people are once again able to gather, weddings will likely be smaller than before, and for couples that still want to have an enjoyable experience, managing the size of your guest count is going to be key, and you have to keep that in mind.

We would definitely encourage people to be proactive and curate a small gathering so guests can actually relax, have fun, and feel more confident about attending.

It can be an overwhelmingly difficult task to cut your guest list, and figuring out whom to invite and whom not to, but stay positive as we can assure you that your loved ones will understand! 

If you focus on the bright side, the events from now on will be intimate by default, allowing couples to perhaps spend more on details and the experience as a whole.

Invitations & Pre-Wedding Communication

To announce a wedding’s postponement, many couples have sent change-the-date cards, but there are additional pieces of information that you may need to add after COVID. Before your event, you may send a coordinated note in your invitation explaining that you will be monitoring health and regulatory guidelines as all of us navigate through these unprecedented times. 

Couples are also sending official digital invitations to those who cannot make the live event to join the ceremony live on a live stream, this is so innovative and creative. As a couple, you can also apply these cool ideas to future events. 

These custom digital invitations are detailed to match the couple’s formal invitation and give instructions on where and how to view the video. They are a great way to build excitement and community before the big day.


After the COVID gathering restrictions at weddings, there certainly will be a handful of guests the ceremony will still be an emotional and special experience, with a few tweaks to the layout to enhance the safety factor.

We also expect that we might see standing ceremonies, with only a handful of chairs. By not having rows and rows of ceremony seats, you allow people the freedom to stand as close to or as far from others as they are comfortable. 

Couples can also stand a bit further away from each other than usual, and the wedding party either stand in a more spaced-out fashion or sit or stand among the guests. Ceremonies may also become somewhat shorter to ensure everyone’s comfort. 

Guest Seating

Guest seating at weddings after COVID restrictions are lifted can be interesting, as you can expect to see smaller tables, spaced more of a distance—think more restaurant-style seating, as opposed to large tables with lots of guests.

Some wedding planners also thinking of keeping it as intimate, joyful yet safe. As we all are aware of the fact that after COVID restrictions are lifted, people will be still hesitant to arrive in crowded places, and it will be better for all of us to take precautions measures even after the restrictions are lifted.

The second and final part of this blog will be continued tomorrow, till then fellas, stay tuned with event panda. Stay Home, Stay Safe!


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