Move Past The Coronavirus and Plan Your Wedding for 2021 Right Now!

by Admin Jun 08, 2020 at 05:12 pm WEDDING

Coronavirus kinda effed things up. Like literally, it effed things up-and it sucks. But we're trying to stay positive here, and we're going to be proactive about it. Especially 2021 couples!

53% of 2020 weddings have moved their date.

Nearly 53% of 2020 wedding dates have been moved (and a few more have been canceled with uncertainty as to when they'll reschedule).

Research indicates it's not a good idea to set a wedding for the spring of 2021, as big weddings won't be safe until there's a coronavirus vaccine

Even if a vaccine is developed earlier than expected, it will still be months before it's universally available.

If you're able to, start wedding planning for 2021 NOW to make sure you get one of your top vendor choices, have plenty of time to get to know them before handing your money over and make sure they're the right person for you. Start booking now

Plus you'll have something to get excited about during all this craziness that's going on, even if you just start talking to them and don't book right away. 

You'll also have so much less planning to do later on, and you can do all the in-person things, like cake tasting, hair and makeup trial, and of course, YOUR ENGAGEMENT PICTURES!!!

Wedding Planners are there to take the stress out of planning your wedding. We aren’t just there for the good times. We are there to make the times good. 

Wedding planners are the people ready to fight your corner when things go badly like they are at the moment thanks to the coronavirus, and that is why we are so important. 

If you don’t currently have a wedding planner, it is not too late to get one. They can provide support and help you rearrange or postpone your wedding in whatever capacity you require.

Although postponing your wedding for over a year can feel disheartening, there are still things to look forward to.

Like, a lot of vendors are offering low retainer/booking fees, flexible rescheduling, and other ways to make this way easier on YOU.


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