Renting a Bridal Lehenga: A better way than buying one!

by Admin Mar 12, 2020 at 03:48 pm WEDDING

We know most of the women in India surely dreams of their big day and to wear most spectacular wedding in most spectacular designer bridal lehenga. However, the major question is should you buy bridal lehenga or rent it? Neither do we completely support one particularly yet we suggest you to analyze this thought a bit go for rented Lehenga. So, here is a short outlook on Buying Bridal Lehenga and bridal lehenga on Rent to untwine the doubt.

Wedding is a once in a lifetime affair, so it is obvious that the Bridal Lehenga is probably the biggest outfit-investment that you will make. Buying a lehenga makes you swing between a limited budget and more choices. While some brides end up being dis-satisfactory about their outfits, others seem to cut short their wedding expenses from other things to anyhow make their outfit better. Rental bridal lehengas, on the other hand, reduces the cost of the outfit.

There is no doubt in saying that Bridal lehengas are worn only once but are stored forever. Not only this, the maintenance of that is also really hard and costly. A slight hamper while taking care of it and it can cost you thousands, & you definitely don't want that!

Unlike that, there are many pros of renting a Bridal Lehenga. It will save your money in bulk and if you can use a rented car, live in a rented house and rent almost everything in your wedding, then why not your Bridal Lehenga girls!?? Just so you know, many will appreciate you for making such a wise choice, which will not only save you money but also allow you to look like a designer doll at your wedding. If you are still not convinced allow us to give you few strong reasons to rent a bridal lehenga rather than buying it.

Save Cash

Renting the Bridal outfit saves a lot of cash. Though the amount of security is usually equal to that of the price of the Lehenga, the overall cost of returning it comes out only to be 10%-20% of the price. Spending more than a lakh on your designer bridal lehenga or spending just a few thousand bucks on your designer bridal lehenga? We understand that as a Bride you like to dress up in Manish Malhotra's or Sabyasachi's. However, bridal lehengas by such designers are never less than a lakh or two & by the end of it, you wouldn't even realize the cost have gone even higher. Renting is preferable over spending huge figures on one outfit that too for one-time usage.  

No Tensity for Storage     

No storage drama for the Rented Bridal Lehenga has to returned within few days. Whereas, Lehengas that are bought requires heavy storage and also have to be cleaned regularly.  

Designer Lehenga On Board

Always dreamt of a Sabyasachi's designer lehenga on your big day but found it too harsh on your pocket? Renting is the solution! Many designer stores provide you lehenga on rent. This simply solves the problem of a designer outfit with a total lightness on your bank account. So,as a true millennial, you'll prefer not to buy it and go for something cheaper. So ladies, get ready to boast about a designer or two!

Money Could Be Used Somewhere else

When you rent your bridal lehenga, you end up saving a lot of money, especially if you have kept a certain amount aside. So whatever amount of money you saved it can be used in some other ways. Like, planning your honeymoon, upgrade catering,or choose high-end decorator or destination wedding, etc.

Saves Your Time

Bridal shopping is time-taking, we all know that. Hovering about your attire and roaming around market to spending hours at a designer's store, and finally when you decide what you'll wear they'll start to create a brand new piece for you. But, when you rent a lehenga, you won't have to wait for long. You may end up finding your size within minutes and even if there are any alterations, they won't take more than a week or two to get done. So ladies, renting your bridal lehenga not only saves time and money but your energy too!


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