After COVID Restrictions are Lifted, Here is How Weddings Be Like Pt.2

by Admin May 15, 2020 at 05:43 pm WEDDING

Like all activities involving a crowd of people, the lockdown has also thrown wedding plans in disarray. Couples who were all set to take their vows, after having spent a long time planning their perfect wedding, have had to hit the pause button. 

Yet what we can do here is discuss what a wedding will be like after COVID restrictions are lifted. From smaller tables to unique entertainment, these are the ways weddings will change after COVID restrictions are lifted. 

So, let's get started with the remaining points left from yesterday's blog. 

Food & Drink

For the reception meal, the focus will be on serving each guest individually to avoid touching communal surfaces. Expect plated meals to make a big comeback, in lieu of buffets and family-style meals. 

While buffets may be possible, they’ll probably be a bit different—small food stations, rather than long lines of dishes.

Each buffet station would most likely be operated by a chef or server, keeping safety in mind, with gloves, and face masks on during serving.

During cocktail hour, an increase in the number of bars and bartenders will alleviate the number of guests standing in line, and passed hors d’oeuvres may be skipped in favor of beautiful mini boxes of appetizers that are passed out to guests. 

The goal here is to ensure as few hands as possible involved in plating and setup, while still providing guests with a delicious culinary experience.

same goes for desserts—cakes will be sliced and served to each guest, rather than guests taking a plate from a communal table. Instead of self-serve dessert tables of cookies, cupcakes, and candy, there will be individually wrapped and packaged items or dessert sampler plates prepared by the catered and served one-by-one to seated guests.


We will also want to allocate more room on the dance floor, and perhaps utilize new technology like Silent Disco to keep the party going, but from a safe distance, instead of packed dance floors, couples moving toward a fancy dinner party atmosphere focusing on toasts and speeches, special dances, and unique entertainment.

Larger dance floors and more slow dances will also make distancing possible, as will some fun entertainment options. We can also play soothing music as the guests enjoy their dinner and able to have a conversation in the meantime.

Flowers & Decor

Couples will want to think in terms of color palettes and textures when it comes to their vision, because their favorite blooms may be more difficult to procure. Going local and with what’s in-season will be a big win. 

Smaller weddings mean couples can be even more creative with their decor. Like, in washrooms sinks you can put signs of washing hands, to encourage 20-second hand-washing.

Couples are expecting smaller guest counts so they’re coming to us and asking us how we can help make the room feel full. Adding spotlights on the tables, spreading out chandeliers and increasing the number of accent walls will help make the space feel whole and encompassing

Favors & Giveaways

Hand sanitizer is in demand commodity these days, and it’s going to be a popular wedding favor in the months to come. Guest care stations complete with hand sanitizer and wipes will be more commonplace, particularly near restrooms and any doors.

COVID restrictions revolve around masks, so the question is should couples provide masks for their guests? No, we don't think that it really not necessary to provide each guest mask. Yes, you may keep some as a backup plan.

Maybe something is mailed to each guest in advance to get them excited for the weekend to come and to communicate will be a thoughtful and innovative giveaway for them.

Photo & Video

Photography and videography will play an even larger role in weddings that take place after COVID restrictions are lifted. Loved ones who are not able to attend will be able to experience the event through live streaming, photos, and videos. 

Professional videography is bringing more value to couples and their families because they can share the emotions from the event with their missing family members. 

We are also seeing an increased request for live streaming services for wedding ceremonies and receptions. Including family members by live-streaming, the event is a special way to include those who were unable to make the event in person.

In terms of photography, longer lenses and shooting outdoors make photographing from a distance totally possible. By nature, photography is a more hands-on and intimate vendor experience. 

So, couples may ask questions about handling bouquets, adjusting a groom's tie during portraits, and everything in between. It will be totally a fun shot with the photographer. 


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