Know the Wedding Planner Responsibilities Before You Hire One- Part- 1

by Admin Jun 19, 2020 at 06:01 pm WEDDING

Wedding planning is the hectic thing, planning takes up months of your time. This is the saying YES is just the smallest part of your wedding. No hectic schedule or bunch of work should hamper your wedding. o get your head off a load of wedding planning and focus on the "happily ever after" in full zest, millennial couples have more often opted for professional wedding planners.

You need to be well informed before you hire the professional wedding planner so when they arrive you are aware of things they might need or things that should be done before they arrive and make correct decisions.

So, here are different wedding planner responsibilities for you, so that you can make informed decisions:

Plan the Whole Wedding

The whole agenda of a wedding planner is to plan the whole wedding. There are different types of wedding planners selected by the couples: full-service planners, wedding month planner, day coordinator, and so on. 

They make sure that everything goes right, starting with the venue of the wedding, the guest list, the entry of the bride or groom, along with the finances and other miscellaneous things, there is a professional helping hand who does not make it as overwhelming as it seems from a bottom-up view. Their duties, however, can be broken down into a long list.

Manage Wedding Finances

Well if you don't have any idea regarding the wedding budget it is going to be quite difficult for you and your family as a family is also an integral part of your wedding. 

You can seek help or ask for suggestions from them, they might give you some useful tips. It is important to decide on the wedding budget to know exactly what all services can be asked from the planner and also make it an affordable choice without being a spendthrift. 

If you haven't estimated your wedding budget, your wedding budget responsibility includes knowing the uncertain scenario of budget, and situations as well. 

Schedule Vendor Meeting

Once you have hired the wedding planner, it is time to decide and shortlist the vendors you want to hire. Flower vendors, catering, and so on. List of your requirements to provide by the vendors, and list of requirements of yours. 

It is better than getting mind blogged by 10 calls, just make lists and jot down the requirements and stay sorted. Maintain your timeline, schedule meetings according to your list. 

In the next blog, we will continue this topic. Till then stay tuned with EVENT PANDA, and contact us for any queries or ideas regarding your wedding.


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