Few Charitable Wedding Plans During The Coronavirus Pandemic

by Admin Apr 20, 2020 at 03:20 pm WEDDING

Weddings are once-in-a-lifetime events. Younger generations are getting more creative than ever when it comes to how their day reflects them as a couple. So, if you and your partner have an urge to give back to your community, this is the right time. 

COVID-19 is sabotaging the economy of the whole world and every single one is struggling for food, clothes, and water too. Hundreds of thousands of businesses that have had to close their doors in response to the government-ordered lockdown and many of those businesses are in the wedding space.  

So while asking someone to donate one of the most important days in their lives to your work might feel intimidating, know that with the right approach, you’re simply offering an option that many will feel honored to participate in. So, here we’ve outlined six creative ideas you can pass on to your community, in this crisis.

1. Donate All Cash Gifts or Unwanted Gifts

Here is the most common issue that every Indian bride and groom go through, GIFTS! Traditionally, when guests arrive at any wedding or reception party they bring gifts to show their love, blessing, and gratitude towards the bride and groom. So, this process of exchanging gifts continues throughout the wedding/reception ceremony and eventually both bride and groom end up with a mountain of gifts and most of the gifts come to be useless or unwanted. 

And which is why unwanted wedding gifts that aren’t returnable are definitely resalable. Do it through eBay for Charity, and a percentage of sales will go to your favorite organization, or you can look for some other options.

2.Donate a Portion of the Budget

The bride and groom each can pick their favorite charity, and they can donate the budgeted amount of money between the two charities. They can also ask the guests to donate some from their budgeted amount of wedding which will go to charity. If you and your spouse don't need the extra money for your wedding that extra/saved money can go to charity. 

3. Donate Your Leftover Reception Food

Another disastrous side effect of COVID-19 is that it has made it extremely challenging for many Americans to feed their family. Instead of throwing away leftover wedding food, donate it to a nearby homeless shelter. Consider that you may wind up with a heaping pile of leftover food from your big day, ask your catering company or venue if they can donate any leftover reception meals to a local food bank or homeless shelter. 

4. Sell/Donate the Wedding Dress 

The financial impact of COVID-19 has cut down the budgets of many couples significantly—and many may no longer be capable of purchasing the dress of their dreams. If you’re okay with separating from your wedding dress, consider donating it to a bride in need. Your wedding dress can do some good beyond making you feel magical on your wedding own day. 
Or you can just sell your wedding dress at half price from the actual price of the dress. Yeah, why not!? If a bride chooses to sell their dress, they tend to sell for 40 to 60 percent off the original price, instead, that dress will sit in the closet forever! Ask your bridesmaids to do the same.

5. Upgrade Your Honeymoon Plans

If your original honeymoon plans had to be postponed due to the pandemic, see if you can volunteer at a local shelter to see your good deed come to fruition. We all are aware of the fact that traveling is not safe right now, so until, it’s finally safe to travel again and you’re able to visit your dream destination, consider adding a day of volunteering to your plans. Yes, it is obvious fact that a honeymoon is a chance to relax, recharge and simply lay by the beach or pool with a cocktail in hand soaking up the sunshine, but circumstances are different now you have postponed or canceled your original plans. So, hereby taking charge you and your spouse can really make a difference. 

6. Host a Bachelor/Bachelorette Fundraising Party

The bride and groom can each leverage their respective celebrations and ask their wedding party members to join them in raising money for a good cause. Each member can create their own unique fundraising page, and work to raise a certain amount leading up to the event. Raising a fund is not an easy task so it will take time but eventually, it will be worth it as you are doing with good intentions. 

The power to give back is a wonderful thing, especially when you’re fortunate enough to have found your happily ever after. So, this is the perfect time to make good use of this opportunity and give back to your community.


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