Dazzling Movie Marriage Proposal Scenes That Will Warm Your Heart

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Whether it is Hollywood or Bollywood, movies have always been an inspiration to many of us. They teach us how to express our love & feelings for the one we love. Call it cute or even sometimes creepy or adorable, if you are a big-time movie buff, I can bet you’ve imagined yourself in these scenarios.


Hum Tum is an extremely modern and lighthearted romantic comedy. It is very well directed, beautifully shot, and is interesting and entertaining. The portrayal of relationships between the characters in the film, particularly that of the main lead, Karan, and Riya, is handled with a mind-blowing mix of comedy and emotional drama.

Riya leaves him since Karan projects his confused feelings as guilt rather than a love for her. Karan realizes his mistake and seeks her out. 

One year later Karan's cartoon Hum Tum becomes a hit and he writes a book about Hum and Tum. Basically, the story is based on his love story with Riya. Riya reads that book and finds him in the press conference. Karan and Riya reunite again. Karan admits his love for her in the pouring rain.


This classic romantic comedy is not only known for its iconic New York City scenery but also for Harry's swoon-worthy line: "When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life start as soon as possible." Props to Harry for the flawless delivery.


The first comes from Dempsey's character, who proposes to Melanie by having her driven to Tiffany and telling her she can pick whichever ring she'd like. It's a little dreamy, sure, but the tear-jerking sort-of-proposal comes later in the movie, as she parrots back the words that Lucas' character said to her the first time he kissed her, back when they were kids, to tell him that she won't be signing the divorce papers they had drawn up years ago. After sharing a kiss, Melanie finally gets her first dance with her husband at the haphazard reception her friends threw together at the last minute at the local bar.

Both the Tiffany scene and the one on the beach in the thunderstorm are classics.


Must be one of the most unrealistic and unlikely marriage proposals of all time, Adam Sandler's character, Robbie, proposes to Drew Barrymore's character, Julia, with a song he wrote for her while singing over the PA system on an airplane. She was engaged to someone else (and nearly became Julia Guglia), but, come on, how much of a chance did her would-be husband really stand after "I Wanna Grow Old With You?"


Soft-spoken Jai and spitfire beauty Aditi couldn't be more different, but their family and friends know that they're a perfect match. And if we talk about the mushiest and iconic scene of this movie is when Jai rides to the airport on a borrowed horse to stop Aditi from leaving. 

He finds Aditi at the airport lounge and sings her a song which he had confessed earlier as the one he would sing for the love of his life. Aditi, delighted, hugs him and cancels her travel plans.


At the farewell party after the final exams, Sid meets Aisha an aspiring writer recently moved away from her hometown of Calcutta, who happens to be one of his college mate's roommate. 

They decide to go for a small walk and strike a chord instantly. Soon afterward, Sid learns that he has failed the final exams, being the only one among his friends to have not cleared the exams. Aisha allows Sid to temporarily stay at her apartment but finds him disorganized and careless with her home. 

Sid's realization that persuades him to seek work.  Aisha catches feelings for Sid, and on the day he packs his belongings to move back in with his family, she is furious to hear that he is leaving. Confused and hurt, unaware that Aisha has fallen in love with him, Sid makes his departure.

The next morning, Sid receives the latest issue of Mumbai Beat. He reads Aisha's column, an article describing her adjustment to life in Mumbai and her love for an unnamed person. Realizing that the article is about her feelings for him, Sid rushes through rainy weather to meet her at the seafront where they walked the day they met. Sid expresses his love for her and the two embrace.


Neil's romantic proposal to Beth
Jennifer Aniston, Ben Affleck

The best line in the scene - "I want to make you happy. I need to make you happy for me to even have a shot at being happy"! 

Swoon! Wish all guys can be like that! Great dating tip for guys in a relationship!


Gautam and Meera become closer and end up falling in love. However, Meera is hesitant to admit it, because she does not want to hurt Veronica, her best friend. Veronica has fallen in love with Gautam and is trying to win the approval of his mother.

Unable to continue with the lie, Gautam sits the two women down and explains to Veronica that even though she loves him, he is in love with Meera. Meera apologizes to Veronica, but Veronica assures her that it is okay and insists that they all go to the club to celebrate.

The next morning, the three part ways. Meera decides to go back to her husband, while Veronica becomes depressed and engages in increasingly dangerous and destructive behavior. Gautam moves back in with Veronica to care for her. 

Veronica thinks that they are rebuilding their relationship, but soon realizes that Gautam is no longer the flirtatious, fun-loving man with whom she fell in love and that he is that man only when he is with Meera. She sacrifices her love for Gautam after realizing she is not perfect for him, and she helps him locate Meera. 

They seek out Kunal, who tells them that Meera left him because she loved Gautam too much and that she has gone back to India. Gautam and Veronica travel to Delhi. Veronica helps Gautam propose to Meera, and she accepts. Veronica and Meera become best friends again and the three friends reunite. 

So, shoutout to the love of your life, take some inspo from these iconic movie marriage proposal scenes & pop the champagne on time! 


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