5 Couple-Workout At Home With No- Equipment

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Take a break from your binge-watching Netflix and come out of your blanket, make good use of this lockdown 2.0. We understand the luxury and concept of eat, sleep and repeat but as it seems really fun it is not. It can make you lethargic and inflexible at the same time as well as it can affect your health drastically. 

So what if the gyms are not functional and your yoga trainer cannot come to train you, don't let this temporary lockdown come in the way of you and your fitness. 

Start with a light five-minute warmup of dynamic movements like jogging on the spot, jumping jacks, and high knees. Then, complete the following circuit three times through for a great total-body workout. 

Grab your partner, and slay this bodyweight circuit. You’ll feel stronger and more empowered after this fun sweat sesh with your bestie! 

Working out with a partner makes staying fit easier by keeping you accountable for every last rep. Plus, the time goes by so much faster when you’re training with your buddy.

1. Leg Throw Down

Reps: 10

One partner lies on the floor while the other stands over them with their feet on either side of the floor person’s head. 

The person lying on the floor grabs their partner’s ankles and, with their feet together and legs straight, raises their legs in the air while keeping their back flat on the floor. 

When their feet are perpendicular to the floor, the standing partner shoves them back toward the ground hard, while the person on the floor tries to control their legs with their core muscles.

2. High Five Sit-Up

Reps: 15

Begin lying on your backs with your feet interlaced with your partner’s. Simultaneously, perform a sit-up to meet in the middle and high five. Lower back down with control, then immediately repeat.

3. Partner Squat

Reps: 10

Begin by standing back-to-back with your partner with arms interlocked and knees slightly bent in a semi-squat. Lean against each other with even pressure. 

Moving together, slowly bend your knees and simultaneously lower into squats. Return to the semi-squat position and repeat for all reps.

4. Lateral Hop-Over

Reps: 10

Begin with one partner holding plank position on her forearms and the other partner standing at her side, knees slightly bent.

The partner who is standing explodes up and over the partner who is in plank. Land on the opposite side with soft knees and immediately repeat, jumping to the other side. 

Complete all reps, then switch positions so the jumping partner is now holding the plank, and vice versa.

5. See-Saw Squat/Decline Push-Up

Reps: 10

One partner gets into a high plank position while the other partner stands between her feet, facing her head, and holds her legs by the ankles. 

The partner who is standing performs a full squat while the other partner maintains the plank position. As you return to the standing position, the partner in plank performs a single push-up. 

Repeat for all reps, then switch positions so the squatting partner is performing the push-up, and vice versa.

There’s really no better motivation for a workout than having a partner to exercise with. You can hype each other up, catch up on the latest chatter, and spend time together while getting fit. Couples who sweats together stays together! Stay home, stay safe! 


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