List of miscellaneous things that are going to change; if your BFF is getting married

by Admin Mar 13, 2020 at 01:34 pm WEDDING

When a friend has good news, you're happy for them for about one second and then you start to think about your own life. You know what we're talking about… your BFF getting married! YES, your worst nightmare.

Hey! Your life is gonna change forever, as she'll be no longer be around or one phone call away! That's not fair! But life isn't fair darling!

You will no longer spend your evening together, swiping left or right on dating apps

You'll start eating and drinking like grown-ups, and have a casual conversation about life. Isn't it pathetic? All these years you and your BFF created memories and gone crazy on Saturday nights but now everything has become do clumsy!

No talking about men

There will be no more Mr. Maybes to obsess over, no more boys to complain about. Maybe she'll talk about her celebrity crushes & all but it will not be the same. You know what we mean… right?

You will learn to accept the husband as the third wheel in your friendship

Oh, dear! Of course, you girls definitely have your girl's night out once in a while but most of the time, me.hubby will be there. You just have to get used to it!

You'll no longer be the person to go trips with

Sad, but true. The couple has this thing to go on a vacation together. Well, there is nothing you can do about it. It's a "couple thing!"

Spontaneous plans become rare

Time for you to finally start traveling solo, maybe?
It is hard to swallow pill for you, we know!

Her romantic married life will be a private affair

There will be no gossip Sunday brunch, she is now all about her husband now.
Pillow talk is her new business with her better half.

Monologues about pros and cons of having a child

All she will talk about babies...! How to take care of babies and take care of their needs, names of babies as well as nutritional needs, emotional needs, dietary needs, etc.

You and your married friend won't be able to relate to each other

Imagine, she is having she's having trouble with her husband's snoring while you keep talking how the guy didn't call you back. She will be bragging about her honeymoon while you will be babbling about your office co-workers. You just won't be on the same page.

Your BFF will be giving you knowledge

Honestly, after getting married all your friends act like big sisters, who need to prep you for all the knowledge they didn't have. They will pour all the big & small tips which will save your day. Some of your married friends are really getting better at this each day.

You will know who your true friends are

We all have different categories of friends like friends who come along only when you are able to party with them every other weekend. But true friends are there in your tough times too and stand beside you like a strong pillar. Those are the gems who will understand that after a girl gets married, they obviously need time to settle in. They fight for their time but never leave.

"Girl-time" importance

In the end, you and your BFFs going to understand the importance of girl-time and make the most of it by spending time together but most importantly making time for each other. You need your women because of they are your support system!


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