You Need to Hire a Proposal Photographer: 5 reasons why

by Admin Jun 02, 2020 at 07:03 pm WEDDING

There are moments in life that simply ought to be captured on camera — and your proposal is one of them. Sure, the memories will last forever no matter what, but to assure yourself that your dream proposal is perfectly frozen in time, you should absolutely consider hiring a professional proposal photographer to record the moment. 

Your Partner Will Thank You

Even if he or she isn't usually a big fan of having photos taken, a proposal is a once-in-a-lifetime event that you both will want to look back on years from now. 

Having a photographer take photos of the reaction, the ring, and any laughs or tears is a great way to show you put a significant amount of time and effort into the day.

Just be sure to find a sneaky way of having your soon-to-be fiancee dress nicely and/or get all dolled up for the photos! 

The Photos Are Great for Announcements

Especially if you're planning a proposal with just the two of you and no family or friends around to see it live, photographs of the big moment are the perfect way to announce it to all those you love! 

You can use them for engagement announcements, for your first social media post, engagement party invitations, save-the-dates, or your wedding website!

Having a small album of different poses and setups to choose from for all of these pre-wedding posts, events and cards will also make it so you don’t have to use the same pic, over and over again!

So everyone can feel like they were there

Sometimes, words simply can't do a love story justice. With so many memories over a few decades together, it will mean that much more when you have something tangible (like beautiful photographs) to hold onto and collect that show different pieces of your story over time.

Mom showing up between your romantic proposal is probably not ideal. But with a full album of perfectly framed photos that basically replay your whole engagement start to finish, Mom can feel like she was a part of it. 

Not to mention, all the friends your future spouse forgot to invite, your great-grandma, the list goes on. This won’t reduce the number of times you’ll have to tell your proposal story (which will probably hit about 10,000 by the time your wedding day rolls around) but it will provide a visual aid and a much richer picture of whole the whole thing went down and will make everyone you love feel much more a part of this important life moment. 

It is an Expense that is Worth the While

Everyone wants to see real value for their money, especially if it is hard-earned, or if they feel that the particular expense is not really necessary. 

This logic is one that is agreeable. However, there are some investments that are worth the expense. A proposal photographer, just like any other professional, will charge a particular fee for their services. 

While you may look at it as an unnecessary expense that you can get rid of by deciding to forfeit, it would be wise to consider the bigger picture. It is not every day that you get to propose to the love of your life. 

Why not have this once in a lifetime occurrence documented at least for memories’ sake if not anything else? As for us, it is an investment that is worth each and every dime it may cost.

Get to Make the Right Choices

A proposal might at times prove to be quite a hectic task, especially because your better half isn’t aware of it. Making some wrong moves or calls is likely to happen. What then? 

Get a professional proposal photographer on board. Why so? With a professional on board, you are bound to get the best of locations, the best time of the day to propose to your loved one and so much more! Bringing a professional proposal photographer on board can be a great game changer! 

He or she will definitely have the tips you need to make the day a success. Better yet, as the groom, you can get some cheat codes from him or her in regards to getting her to say “yes”!


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