Grooms-to-be Avoid these 6 things before your Wedding

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Grooms, have you checked your sherwani size and design? Have you checked the wedding venue? Your hair and beard style? Following your sleep routine well? Good. There are so many things to worry about for a groom as well and we know that's a fact indeed. 

More often than not, grooms-to-be know what they should do at their weddings. However, it is also important for every groom to know about the things which they should never do before their weddings. Yes, there are a few things which every groom should avoid doing before their wedding, avoiding those things can help them to have a wonderful celebration that they will cherish all their lives.

Event Panda is here to share with you some major things that you should definitely avoid before your wedding day.

Here we go... 

1. Getting high or drunk

Well, it is quite obvious to be excited about your wedding, as it will a life long commitment with your "the one". But that does not mean that you will get high, smoke with your buddies, and drink all night long. 

You need to understand that this is your wedding and all your wedding guests would come for you only. You will get all the time in the world after your big day to party and drink, but now is the time to get sober.

If you won’t be in your senses at your wedding, what would they feel about you? Leave about what your wedding guests would think about you, just imagine the condition of your significant other on seeing you overly drunk or high on any other substance. That won't be good.

2. Arguing with the bride or somebody else

Getting angry and losing your temper over something or somebody is not an ultimate solution. No matter how big the problem is – it is essential that you maintain your calmness at your wedding.

Fighting with the bride for something or fighting with somebody else for some reason is not justified at all. It is your wedding and the people who are attending will have their eyes on you only.

So just imagine if your reactions to a particular situation are not polite or are rude, then it will leave a bad impact on others, isn't it?

3. Taking unnecessary tension or pressure

Taking unnecessary tension or pressure might cause you anxiety and insomnia and the minute you got it you will start feeling uneasy and it will give you dark circles. 

We know that weddings are a stressful task and there is no doubt about it. But the truth remains that the stress that comes with wedding planning journey can be curbed easily. At the wedding, any situation may arise.

For instance, your wedding florist couldn’t arrange for the flowers that you asked for. Now what?? What is the solution, can you do anything about it, of course not! 

All you can do is find out some mid-way or a solution, which could be – go for different color flowers that match perfectly with your wedding theme or any other solution that help you tackle the situation.

4. Pressurizing your guests to participate in something they don’t want to

More often than not, we desi people can't stop our over-excitement and unknowingly start pressurizing wedding guests to do something which they do not want to do, which is not good at all. 

You might want to drop that idea for a while and let your guest be. It actually irritates your guest. Of course, why should you pressurize your guests to do something when they are not interested? 

For instance, pulling every guest on the dance floor even when your guests are not comfortable doing that. What’s the point! There is no fun in forcing people to do something, the fun lies in freedom. Let them do things at their will, not by force!

5. Meeting in person before the wedding

To the Indian culture, it is a well-known fact that the Bride and the Groom are not allowed to meet each other in person, as it is considered to be unlucky for both of them. No matter what religion you may preach. 

If you also belong to any such region where it is not allowed, then you should surely abide by your norms and do things as told by your elders. 

There is no point creating problems for each other, of course, your families will not like it. And later there will be unnecessary differences, which is not good.

6. Getting stuck with your phone or gadgets

Your wedding is a once in a lifetime event and you should remember it when you are getting married. Your phone calls can be attended by somebody who you think is reliable. 

So it is always advised to give your phone to somebody who you totally trust. Also, give an alternative number to the vendors and the wedding planner. 

An alternative number can be of the person who will be coordinating with the vendors and the wedding planner to keep in touch and updated each moment, it will give you ease and peace of mind. Otherwise, you will end up taking calls, frustrated, and spoiling your celebration.

Getting prepped for your wedding is both an enjoyable experience and a stressful one. No matter how well prepared you think you are - prepare to be surprised! So, dear grooms-to-be follow the above points mentioned and stay stress-free. 


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