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In today's world, a simple wedding is nice, but why to settle for a "nice" when you can have a "magnificent" wedding!? Humans crave more, and "more" is better especially when it comes to weddings. Weddings are once in a lifetime events. it is the ultimate desire of every bride and groom to tie a knot in a breathtaking location. to experience that "perfect moment" in a perfect destination. People fancy having a destination wedding throughout their adulthood. 

We as Indians got no chill when it comes to weddings! The wedding itself is the fanciest concept, We mean... Come on! Who doesn't wants the "dhols" and "nagadas" at their wedding!? All the mouthwatering food & decorations...blow everyone's mind, and India comes to the top. Bride & Groom both fancy their wedding to be top-notch that's why destination weddings are the best choice. Event Panda makes it all possible! From photographing to beautiful resorts and regal palaces. There are endless options for wedding destinations around the world. Which event panda provides you. But we being Indian also desire to stay connected to our heritage, & tie a knot in our motherland. Not to get anxious about it, because we got a few topmost awesome destination wedding locations in India.


Goa, we find beaches fascinating. Photographing a wedding in goa is always an eye-candy. It is a rollercoaster ride of breathtaking sunsets, delightful resorts, churches, Portuguese architecture old monuments, beaches, greens, mountains, beautiful skies, unstable rain, and the ultimate satisfaction of being away from the chaos - all at once. We prefer the beachside because it will allow the couple to create some epic moments out of it during fun pre-wedding pictures, a mushy-romantic picture at sunset will be like a treat for them. Being in goa for a wedding in the resort also makes sure that their traditional ceremonies & get a gorgeous background of tropics.


Mussoorie, a place that is known for its natural beauty. Charming tree-covered hills looking down the doon valley, the pine trees and the sunsets give your eyes a pleasure unforgettable. A wedding in Mussoorie with ceremonies is a bliss! The sunset makes sure your wedding pictures are magical enough to take your breath away when you take a look in your 50s. Mussoorie surely refreshes the soul & the mood of the couple and the guest too. It is one of the most fascinating destinations to tie a knot, underneath the twilight. 


The Udaipur City of Lakes: The Venice of the East. It is well-famed for its rich, varied and dynamic culture as well as heritage. It fascinates many couples from every nook & corner of the world. Especially, for a fairy-tale wedding, and also have the advantage of keeping the guests busy with tour & activities throughout the day. Plan your event with us and get all your needs fulfilled. India is known for its culture, heritage, color, and unity in diversity. For all the young fellas, who fancies getting married to the love of their lives. We would suggest you all go for a destination wedding as it is a once in a lifetime experience. As we all get butterflies in our stomach when a thought comes to our mind. So, what's your pick?


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