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A large part of planning a Wedding in India revolves around the food you intend on having for your guests, family & friends. The process of figuring out how many people you have to prepare food for and deciding what foods to serve is difficult enough, but then having to prepare and serve the food can make things even more stressful. This is what makes caterers so important to wedding events. An event without food!? Hard to imagine… Wedding catering is an essential part of an event as it helps in creating a comfortable environment for the guests where they can interact freely with each other. Event Panda's verified caterers create specialized menus for paying attention, they also take into account the special dietary needs of the guests. They also create fun menus for the kids of the wedding which is done in accordance with the kind of guests that are expected to be present at the wedding to satisfy their needs. An experienced and professional Wedding Caterer will be able to accommodate any special needs your guests such as dietary requirements or food allergies may have. 

Weddings in India are no less than a festive occasion celebrated with high spirits, beautiful decorations, dance & music, colorful costumes, and exotic cuisine. Food preferences and menu vary from wedding to wedding. Indian food is as diverse as Indian culture, languages, and traditions; spanning from spicy and tantalizing to creamy and deliciously mouth-watering, offering a wide and vast range of options perfect for any marriage occasion.

As the food is what brings people together, this is why quality and services cannot be compromised. Your guests may sooner or later forget about mistakes or issues with any performances on stage or slight mismatch in colour of decor, they might not even notice what you were wearing and how much it costs but they will never ever forget the food they had and what specialties they enjoyed. A minute variation in the taste of a traditional dish can make them say negative reviews over food. 

Principle Reasons to hire Indian Wedding Food Caterers:


No matter how great the music is, hungry guests will not probably feel like dancing. As your guests’ energy level goes down, the overall feel of your wedding will go down with it. To make sure your guests will not stay long without food, you should take the time and the duration of your wedding into consideration.


Weddings are thought of and supposed to be fun and enjoyable before it begins and even afterwards. The main area to focus upon is food which takes a lot of thinking and research, food tasting with different caterers and companies and finally deciding onto one. It becomes a cumbersome task to decide what to serve, whom to hire, how it will be cleaned up, and logistics, etc . Hiring a caterer can bring you at peace.


You do not need to buy groceries, cook and spend hours preparing food. Hiring caterers can help save time and provide all the things at one place within your budget.

Our verified partners are specialists in cooking different types of Indian and Chinese food and have catered to hundreds of occasions over time. So, our experts very well are aware of what is needed to be served on the occasions and what is to be avoided. 

With so many benefits to enjoy, you can go ahead to hire our catering services for the next occasion or event! Get the best caterers in town to cook for you and make your parties spicier. Book the best team today!


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