Know When to Take Off Your Engagement Ring

by Admin Jun 03, 2020 at 12:11 pm WEDDING

Many of us believe, that a diamond engagement ring is the most first real (and likely most expensive) piece of fine jewelry we'll own, let alone wear daily. 

After the post-proposal glow settles, you may start to realize you don't know how to keep your ring safe and looking its best.

By doing regular at-home ring cleanings and taking your engagement ring off for certain activities, you'll ensure that it stays as beautiful as it was when you first got it!

Here's exactly when to take off your engagement ring for safekeeping.


There are many reasons why you might want to retire your ring to your bedside table at night. For one thing, while you're catching your sleep, your ring can get caught in your hair or bedding, loosening the setting. 

Certain sleep positions can put pressure and body weight on your ring, which can also work to slowly reshape the setting or loosen the stones.

Working Out or Playing Sports

Fast-paced movements, equipment, and sweat will all increase the likelihood of damaging your ring—it could get caught on loose clothing, hit a hard surface, or even hurt someone else if you're playing a team sport. And if your ring accidentally falls off while you're outdoors (running, rock climbing, etc.), you might not even realize it's missing until it's too late. 

Showering and Washing Hands

You're not the only one to wonder, "can I shower with my engagement ring?" And we're here to put the matter to rest once and for all with a big no, please, don't. It's just not worth the risk and wear. 

Slippery skin means that your ring can suddenly conduct a dark, down-the-drain disappearing act, and soaps and exfoliating washes can dull and damage your diamond.

The same goes for washing your hands (and washing dishes), but don't get in the habit of removing your ring when in public bathrooms. 

You may not think you could ever leave without it, but it's possible and again just not worth the gamble. Only remove it when washing at home.

Cleaning & Yard Work

It's highly recommended that you wear rubber gloves while handling cleaning products to protect your hands, so you definitely need to keep your ring safe from the abrasive, harsh chemicals found in common household cleaning agents. 

Bleach, for example, oxidizes metals. A mantra to remember: what makes your bathroom mirror shiny makes your diamond ring dull. The same goes for gardening, which requires a lot of activities that can put your ring in harm's (or dirt's) way.

Cooking and Preparing Food

This probably goes without saying, but it can be easy to forget: remove your ring before handling any kind of raw or ground meat. The last thing you want is for your brilliant symbol of eternal love to become bacteria-ridden. Sanitation is the new sparkle when it comes to your ring and working in the kitchen.

Working with Tools or Equipment

We're going to keep this one short because it's pretty horrifying, but we'll leave you with this: google "degloving" and "ring avulsion" and view the graphics with caution. It's not a pretty topic, but it's an important hazard to be aware of. Don't say we didn't warn you!

Painting & Other Projects

As a general rule, home renovation projects are one of those "when not to wear your engagement ring" moments. The last thing you want is to give your ring an accidental makeover with specks of paint or get it caught between a hammer and a hard place.

Maintenance & Storage Tips

This is an obvious one, we know. It’s important to have your ring inspected a couple of times a year, and most wedding jewelers will offer this as a discounted or complimentary service if you purchased the ring from them. 

The most important thing is that you pick a spot for safekeeping and only ever leave it in that spot. And know that it's impossible to keep your treasure looking new without regular ring maintenance, no matter how much you take it off. 

Buildup blocks light interactions with the stone, so keep it at peak brilliance with a gentle (and safe!) cleaning routine every few weeks.


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