7 Easy Ways to Keep Your Family Involved with Wedding Planning: In Quarantine

by Admin May 08, 2020 at 04:41 pm WEDDING

Due to coronavirus pandemic and social distancing engaged couples are facing so much trouble and stress. In-person tasks like vendor meetings, attire fittings, tastings, and hair and makeup trials are being put on hold for the time being, but couples are finding different ways to continue planning while staying safe at home.

In the meantime, the family is also feeling lonely during the pandemic, as they are away from you and unable to participate in the wedding planning process the way that they normally would, which can be disappointing. But guess what, it possible now, we live in a digital era and everything is possible here it doesn't matter whether you apart from your family. 

Whether you’ve just started planning or in the midst of putting together your big day, here are some ways to ensure your loved ones feel included in the process.

Weekly virtual wedding-planning updates set up.

It is obvious you probably will talk all day long about your wedding and planning all the events and a list of the tiniest thing because it is about your big day. 

So, it is better to involve your family & close friend and arrange weekly virtual “wedding update” meeting with your future in-laws, and/or other close family members. 

It can be arranged in Face Time, Zoom, WhatsApp, or virtual meeting service of your choice, you and your loved ones can share new information about the wedding, ask questions, or just be excited together. 

Let family members help with decision-making.

Your family and in-laws can really help you out in making good desition, they obviously wish to put some input, and don't want to miss out on anything. 

Whether you’re choosing invitations, selecting flavors for your cake, or browsing your wedding dress or bridesmaid dresses, asking for your parents' advice will help them feel included in the process. 

Just don’t forget to narrow down the options to two or three favorites, rather than giving your parents hundreds of choices—too overwhelming. 

Give loved one's ownership of certain tasks.

If you are feeling pressurized or overwhelmed due to extra work, don't hesitate to reach out to your parents and other loved ones.  

It’s important to ask your folks if they're willing to take on, say, creating welcome bags for out-of-town guests or anything that can take the burden off your shoulder a bit. 

If they are all set, provide them with suggestions and a deadline, but trust them to handle the responsibility.

Virtually tour venues. 

Usually couples in the early stages of wedding planning hunt for a wedding venue, but unable to tour in-person due to social distancing, and that it why get anxious. 

Fortunately, sites like Event Panda offer virtual tours of certain wedding venues. Why not ask your parents to join you as you decide to “virtually” visit venues? 

Sure, it may not be the same as visiting a site in person, but it’s a nice way to include your parents in your venue hunt. So they can take a good look at the space and provide input. 

Choose special songs “together.”

Music has a way of raising our spirits during difficult times. If you’re planning a father-daughter dance, mother-son dance, or other special dances with family members for your sangeet ceremony, why not exchange playlists of song ideas with your dance partner? 

Discuss songs and playlists with your loved ones, see what are their choices and ideas. However, also put your picks and favorites, they will enjoy listening to your picks, and you can then narrow down the options and come up with the winning song via phone or video chat. 

Avoid arguments and be flexible.

Emotions are usually are heightened in this scenario, you may get easily overwhelmed by the pressure around you. You might find yourself getting frustrated or even angry with your parents about something wedding-related. 

It might be possible that by mistake they have added too many guests in your guest list or maybe expressing their displeasure with some of your decision-making. 

So here is what you got to do- be upfront about things you need and things you don't in as polite a tone as possible. 

Especially since you’re not physically together, your parents may not be aware that they’re upsetting you. In these difficult times, you need to take care of each other's emotions and sentiments; you need to work together as a team. Remember, all they want is your happiness and satisfaction. Take a deep breath, and try to compromise.


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