10 Proposal Mistakes To Avoid If You Want Her To Say YES!

by Admin Apr 16, 2020 at 05:28 pm WEDDING

We know planning the perfect proposal can often feel stressful. If you've got the proposal on your mind, you've probably been with your partner for a while. A proposal is a moment that both you and your future fiancé have dreamt of for a very long time. The proposal should be something special, something absolutely unforgettable. 


Well, some people like to hint about how they’d like to be proposed to and others will pray to the universe that their partner can read their mind and do it just like they always imagined. Getting engaged is a huge milestone. So, do not ruin it by making some silly mistakes that you will regret forever! 


So, what should you do before you get down on your knee? Don't worry, and read these few pinpointers below:


1. Don't ask for too Much Advice:



Asking for too much advice can be troublesome, yes try not to confuse yourself. It might be tempting to want to ask each and every friend and family member of your partner for their advice on how you should propose. Don't plan too much as anybody but you will end up confused and overwhelmed.


2. Don't make it public:



You may be setting yourself up for unwanted tears from your partner or a super awkward moment that sets both you and your partner up for feeling uncomfortable. Yes, indeed! Public-proposal can turn into your worst nightmare! Unless your partner has said they want a splashy proposal, it's way easier to make the proposal an intimate, personal thing. Don’t be that person. An intimate proposal will ensure the most meaningful moments and make for a lasting memory filled with love rather than a bucket of spilled popcorn and an arena full of strangers. 


3. Don't hide the engagement ring in food:



Let's talk about one of the silliest proposal mistakes. It's going to be all nasty & sticky if you put it in champagne, cake, or anything else. Do you really want to hide the ring? We hate to say it, as we're sure there are few readers who were planning to do just the same, but hiding the engagement ring in food is a tired idea. It's been in a thousand movies and TV shows! Come on! Just don't ruin it, show some creativity along with your emotions.


4. Don't propose too early in the relationship:


Deciding to pop the question is a big deal, but even if you feel anxious and just want to get it over with, you've got to fight that. When you're swept up in that incredible first rush of love, it's hard not to do impetuous, foolish things. Don't rush! Asking someone to marry you is kind of a big deal. You're asking someone to spend the rest of their life with you. Waiting until your relationship is stable will only strengthen your marriage. It's worth having a little patience. 


5. Don't overcomplicate the Whole Thing:



Nerves fly high during any proposal and in order to make sure it goes smoothly, keep it relatively simple. You should definitely try to be unique and creative with your proposal, but, above all, it's important to keep the focus on what really matters: the proposal itself. If you’re incorporating a lot of different things or people and continuously worrying about them buddy you are worrying about wrong things!


6. Don't pick an engagement ring without giving it a thought:



Give it a GOOD thought as this ring is a symbol of love, dedication, and loyalty or in many cases brides-to-be are particular about their jewelry and to be honest; a ring is a big investment, so what better way to make sure they love it than by going ring shopping together? Sure, you might lose that element of surprise here because they are already expecting a particular ring, but, if you've spoken about marriage, they know the proposal is coming sooner or later.


7. Don't propose empty-handed:



Hey, of course, an engagement ring is important. It's a symbol of love, dedication, and the bond you want to forge with your partner. This is one tradition that isn't just old fashioned and silly. However, if money’s tight or your partner isn’t into the whole engagement ring tradition, maybe there’s something else you can substitute in its place. Perhaps a locket with your picture in it or a handmade ring crafted from wildflowers will do. You don’t have to be the most creative person in the world, but you get the idea. 


8. Don't forget to practice:



You’ve heard it a thousand times before, "Practice makes perfect." The only way to ease your nerves before the big day is to run through what you’re planning to say. Even if it’s nothing fancy, your delivery will go more smoothly if you’ve practiced a time or two beforehand. Since you’ll find yourself extra nervous on the proposal day, make an effort to avoid showing those nerves to your partner. 


9. Don't tell (too many) people:



Keep it a secret and work low-key! A big mouth is hardly an enviable trait, so keep yours shut until it’s time to pop the big question. Being loose-lip can put you and your plan in big trouble! Even if you’re typically loose-lipped, fight the urge to blab about the pending proposal until after it’s taken place. If you can't keep it entirely to yourself, or if you do want some unbiased feedback, only discuss it with people who have absolutely no contact with your beloved.


10. Choose the place wisely:



It’s best to choose a timeless location, like a scenic outdoor setting or a historic monument. That way, you’ll be able to return to your engagement spot for years to come. Choose a good location, preferably a meaningful one. As you're getting that engagement ring ready to go, think about what would be a meaningful venue for you both. As trendy places won’t be in style forever! 


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