Some Cute Ideas To Include Your Pets In Your D-day

by Admin Mar 19, 2020 at 11:59 am WEDDING

Mommies and daddies of fur babies kindly pay attention; we have compiled some of the most aw pet wedding ideas so you can easily include your beloved four-legged buddy into the wedding celebrations. Whether you own a cat, dog or rabbit... there there are plenty of ways you can include you adorable babies and they can play a vital role in the big day. 

Many couples prefer their fur babies around them as they take their vows and also reception festives. But dear parents of fur babies, when considering the following wedding ideas, first and foremost take into account your pet's personality, and whether your wedding venue allows pets on the premises. You can also dress-up your four-legged friend for various events of your wedding. 

Give your pup a bow-tie that matches with the groom's attire or a little dress so your fur baby can be as glamorous as the bride. Seriously,just think about those adorable pet wedding photos. 

However, if that isn't possible, consider scheduling an engagement or bridal shoot or pre-wedding shoot according to your plan or clicking pictures with them during the process if getting ready.

If your pet can't make it to the D-day, don't get upset. You can use your bonding with your pet as a inspiration for you wedding stationary, invitation cards, decor and more.

And instead of the standard newlywed wedding cake topper, you can have a replica of your precious pet made to top your confection. There are endless ideas when it comes to pet wedding.


Treats are a fantastic way to keep animals’ attention when you need them looking into the camera. Prefer soft treats since hard, crunchy biscuits tend to crumble and make a mess. 

Always bring backup treats as well, but double check with the couple in case the animal has allergies. 

Don't be afraid to make fool of yourself, like, seriously who doesn't like some bark, whine, howl, or any other dog noise!?

A dog or any other pets' impressions are not only coax an inquisitive and expressive and adorable to look, they also sometimes coax some good smiles and laughs out of the couple as well.


Wouldn't it be adorable to just see you four-legged friend walking down the aisle with you or standing with you on the aisle waiting for the bride patiently.

Dressing up your furry friend with a classic bow-tie or a pretty dress will give them a beautiful look indeed. Wouldn't you prefer your fur baby standing by your side throughout the evening?


Trust us it will be the most fun thing ever! Getting ready with your pups will not only give you enjoyment but also quick cuddles... who wouldn't want that, right??

Pets are the ultimate stress-busters as well as while getting ready you can also create some good memories & pictures with them... they absolutely deserve that!


Yes indeed! Cat lovers know this already... parents of kitties obviously would love when their four-legged friend will do little mischief. Bride will show off her stunning kitty and her feline friend will help her dress up too. 

However, owning a cat in particular lower your stress level. Sharing each and every moments with your feline friend is mandatory for you and your kitty too. Their purring will create a joyful environment for everyone present at your wedding.


Are you getting nervous for the big moment? Bestow your pet with the tittle of best man. Talking with your four-legged friend before your big moment, it is the most delicate thing ever, because it will not only leave you stress-free but also joyous & emotional. It will give you time to calm yourself down.

So, parents of fur babies don't be afraid to include your pets in your big day because Event Panda is here to  sort everything out, contact us for more information.


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