Music Amplifies Happiness: Flaunt Your Wedding By Explicit Music

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Big Fat Indian Wedding is all about good & explicit music, whether Sangeet Ceremony, Entrances or Mehendi. Indian Wedding music is a blend of traditional, folk and contemporary themes & we all are aware that music is known as the universal language of the heart and wedding is one of the most touching moments of life. It brings along mixed feelings of pleasure and pain that it becomes hard to express oneself. At this time music comes to rescue. Music amplifies the happiness of the couple's newlywed status and gets everyone in the mood to celebrate. Our band partners are highly professionals and know how to create a festive vibe and keep the party going. They will set the tone of your special day. A classy and elegant wedding would be great with classical artists while a vintage-style wedding. Good music showcases your personality and also gives people something to talk about. Event Panda provides an extensive range of band partners to choose from.


India is a diverse country with rich heritage and culture, and Indian classical music has two major traditions: the North Indian classical music tradition called 'Hindustani', while the South Indian expression is called 'Carnatic'. Indian Classical music can add a special touch to your wedding. Event Panda offers you a variety of performances by our verified partners, including various forms of instrumental Indian music to make your wedding events memorable. A wide range of music can be provided during lunch/ cocktail hour/ dinner/ reception. Repertoire includes dhuns, folk music, and wedding-appropriate Bollywood songs, classical ragas and fusion music & high-energy tabla performance for sangeet/reception.


Indian wedding traditions are a strong reflection of Indian culture with ritual, song, dance, food, and dress that have evolved over centuries. Dholak is a very popular double-headed drum from northern India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. We also offer you a variety of performances by our verified partners, including top-notch dholaks to make your sangeet/mehndi event memorable, children & ladies will sing and dance to the rhythm of the dholak. 


The popularity of rock music in India has been surfacing since the 1960s and 70s. Rock bands have emerged not only from metropolitan cities but also from small towns of this country presenting multi-ethnic culture. We offer optimum performances, as our verified partners have a wide range of performances like; rock & roll, indie pop, hard rock and the fusion of Indian classical and rock genre merged together to craft a new genus called the Indian rock music. In recent times when high-voltage music is ruling the ground, some rock bands in India have too marked their presence & our partners are some of the most talented musical rock bands in India.


Shehnai is one of the musical instrument which is very significant historically. Ustad Bismillah Khan helped in popularizing and marketing the significance of the instrument. The soothing note of the shehnai sets the perfect aura for a solemn event like a wedding. It is an integral part of North Indian wedding music. The Shehnai is an instrument favored by many communities like Gujratis, Maharashtrians, and even the Bengalis. No wonder it plays a vital role in a marriage ceremony that is why we offer supreme partners who can immediately create a festive vibe and gets everyone in the mood to celebrate.


Band Baja is an essential part of the Wedding to keep your beloved guests entertained and make them tap their feet on the beats. Relatives singing at the top of voices; friends and cousins twirling and Nagin-dancing on the beats of the dhol; shutting down the streets, and a grand entry of groom to reach the venue by the fancy lights. We will organize orchestral music, Bollywood music, Bhangra, Hindi Pop, Tasha and Nagara to make your grand procession of groom memorable. 

Marriage is a once in a lifetime affair, and we know how dull it can get without an explicit touch of music! Music plays a vital role in our life as it is a way of expressing our feeling as well as emotions. When you plan your big day music is one of the things and actually, it is a lot more important in the wedding compared to self-entertainment. Event Panda is there for you to handle all the trouble, with our platform not only you will get the best of music and entertainment but also experience the ultimate & exotic performance by our treasure of talented & verified partners.


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