How To Make Marriage Proposal At Home Exceptional

by Admin Apr 21, 2020 at 03:21 pm WEDDING

Public proposals are not for everyone. Sometimes, there are people who prefer to have their special moment in private with a more personal touch. That is why today, we are here with some exceptional ideas to propose at home. Let's get started!

1. Make Arrangements

Turn off all the lights in your apartment and make a trail of candles that leads to a circle of votives positioned around the ring. PS: Decide how much of the proposal you want to be a surprise and also consider the timing of the proposal and how it will affect your loved one's reaction. 

2. Breakfast in Bed 

If your partner is a deep sleeper, you might be able to slip the engagement ring on their hand while they sleep. When they pick up their toast, they'll be shocked and pleased to find a dazzling engagement ring on their finger, then do a romantic morning wake-up call with champagne and strawberries.

3. Decorate Your House for the Proposal

Does your fiance usually step out on Sunday mornings to pick up groceries or for jogging? While they are out and about, decorate your house and set it up for a lovely surprise when they get home.

You might place the engagement ring on a table surrounded by glowing candles with a trail of rose petals leading the way. Or, you can create a pathway of love notes from the front door leading your partner to the engagement ring.

Wait for them at the end of their journey and be ready to propose.

Tie a red velvet ribbon from one spot in your home to another. Attach little notes and photos recalling perfect moments in your relationship along the way. 

Fill a favorite room in your home with photo memories from your relationship; you can hang them from balloons or cover the walls with them for a jaw-dropping surprise. Wait for your partner at the end of the ribbon with the ring in hand.

4. Prepare a Romantic Meal

Cook a five-star-worthy meal of all your fiance-to-be's favorite foods, try to get an idea of your sweetheart's favorite food before you plan the meal. Startup a casual conversation about your favorite restaurants and see how they respond. 

Once you know what they like, you'll need to plan carefully to make sure you have all the necessary ingredients and enough time to cook. 

You can create a romantic atmosphere with flowers, candles, music and a bottle of wine or champagne; or hire a personal chef for the night and Propose over dessert.

5. Play a Game

You can have a custom jigsaw puzzle made with your picture and the words "Marry me?" On a rainy day, or in a lockdown situation, suggest this activity. When you've finished enough that you can clearly see the photo and read the words, it's time for the marriage proposal. 

Your home is comfortable and cozy and perfect for you to get down on one knee and give a beautiful un-practiced speech. Keep it natural and authentic. You are home, so there are no distractions or worries in the world. 

Maybe you do it out of the blue or while you're working on an at-home project. This can be the perfect romantic proposal at home itself!  


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