Tips On Wearing Family Heirlooms In Your Wedding feat. Grooms!

by Admin Jun 24, 2020 at 11:56 am WEDDING

Grooms... belive to wear some family heirlooms too... as they work hard to pick their sherwani for the D-day even if the sherwani they are selecting is from their wardrobe. 

When it comes to Grooms, they also have a lot of options, like his father's/grandfather's safa, sherwani, or accessories. The only thing the heirlooms need is good preservation and care.


A safa is a turban-like traditional accessory worn by grooms. Many grooms rock their look by wearing their family heirloom and flaunt their family traditions like a king. For now, due to coronavirus pandemic in many cities shops might not be open, so you can also pick a fabulous dupatta from your mother's wardrobe and make a stylish safa out of it.


Sherwani is also one of the common family heirlooms of all time. Many grooms have worn their grandpa's simple kurta and pajama to give a tribute and show respect to them. If you have any, you can surely wear your father's/grandfather's sherwani. 


Family heirlooms accessories have their own legacy and stories to carry forward. So, grooms can choose to wear some accessories with the outfit. It might be the brooches, lapel pins, Satlada Haars or watches, and even swords and Kadas. 

There are many family heirloom pieces like this, the groom can definitely wear his father's vintage lapel pin that has its own history. Or even his mother might give her old Satlada haar to him that he wears on his wedding.

Grooms can also use his grandmother's ring instead of buying a new one as Prince Harry did at his wedding. For tux look, he can use vintage lapel pin of his father's or better grandpa's.


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