Alcohol-Free Wedding: 6 Easy Tips For Hosting

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For other couples, it can be a more complicated discussion. But for some couples, the idea of an alcohol-free wedding is a simple fact of life. They abstain from alcohol as part of their self-care or because of religious beliefs. 

It could be that friends can get out of hand and you want to keep a drama-free wedding. It might be out of respect for friends or family who are in recovery and trying to abstain. Or, it might be because of your wedding budget. 

Yes, alcohol can be a big part of a wedding celebration, but it’s definitely possible to host a fun big day without it. No matter the reason for selecting a dry wedding, you will surely have someone who thinks it's impossible to have a wedding without liquor. Be ready for a few snide remarks, whispers, and eye-roll emojis. 

So, here’s how to make your alcohol-free celebration memorable, for all the right reasons.

Select A Unique Wedding Venue

There are fantastic wedding venues that range from recreational parks, beaches, and community-owned facilities that do not allow for the consumption of alcohol. 

Selecting one of these locations can give you an easy out. And, they might be a cost-effective option as well. Building your wedding vibe around the facilities, location, and feel of these venues will make everything flow together


Start with impressive refreshments as guests arrive for the wedding ceremony. From berry-infused water to lavender lemonade, putting thought into unique additions is key to engaging your wedding guests. Create a non-alcoholic signature mocktails that reflect you as a couple. 

These can include fresh seasonal flavors or even a way to showcase your upcoming honeymoon destination. Design bright, eye-catching displays for your mocktails and make them easy for your wedding guests to access.

Invite The Family

A family-friendly wedding reception refocuses the type of wedding reception you are hosting. These can often include fun, interactive activities to keep wedding guests and children involved.

Have Plenty of Options

Consider sparkling waters to soft drinks or even a juice bar to build your favorite juice blend. A great way to end the night is with a gourmet coffee bar or hot cocoa with lots of fixings. 

The variety will engage wedding guests who might otherwise be looking for a cocktail and bring a smile to the faces of guests who don’t imbibe.

Brunch Might Be The Answer

A daytime or brunch wedding might be the answer to your dry wedding. There is typically less expectation for a bar at a daytime wedding. Fresh juices, coffee, and soft drinks are more the norm. 

There is also less of an expectation of a big dance party. The focus of the reception is generally more about food and interaction.

Be Picky with Entertainment

Instead of simply hiring a DJ to play your favorite songs and crowd favorites all night, consider hosting live entertainment to keep the crowd engaged. 

This might include stand-up comedy performance, a live dance performance from a local dance troupe, or other performers who stop by to do a show just for your guests. 

Many of these performances can be interactive so they can keep the crowd more engaged and socializing with each other. 

It’s also a great way to surprise guests with something different—most people expect a DJ or music as entertainment during the night, and you can break the mold by bringing in live performers.

Whatever the reason is for wanting a dry wedding, offering a variety of non- alcoholic drink options, keeping guests engaged, and choosing the right venue and menu will help make sure you and your guests have the time of your lives. Contact us for more details and services.


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