Astonishing Hairstyles That Everyday Bride Should Know

by Admin Apr 13, 2020 at 04:50 pm WEDDING

Brides! we know there are literally a plethora of things to check in the wedding madness, so it's absolutely ok if booking your wedding hairstylist has slipped out of your mind. No need to get anxious as event panda got your back! 

We are sure you would look FABULOUS and STUNNING on your wedding with beautiful makeup glowing on your face but here lies an equally important thing from which your bridal look isn’t completed.

When it comes to wedding day hair, there is such a wide variety of options that one tends to get overwhelmed. Whether timeless, contemporary or modern and chic hairstyles they help elevate the look of a bride. Every bride wants to look flawless on her wedding and pre-wedding celebrations.

We have listed a plethora of bridal hairstyle that can make your break your look! So from balloon ponytails to floral braids, we spotted 5 trending bridal hairstyle ideas that you should BOOKMARK right away.

1. Floral Bun

A bun without florals is like a garden without flowers! Add your favorite flowers to your classic bun for that statement bridal look! Hair accessories picked from the garden add a bohemian romance to any bridal ensemble

2. Floral Tiaras

Don’t these color-coded baby’s breath in her hair completely complement her pretty pastel outfit and jewelry! The trick is to give it a messy natural look – add the tiara on top but leave the rest of your hair loose in a refreshing side-swept way. 

3. Super #unique! Balloon ponytail 

With the extravaganza set up of flowers, it really looks stunning and enhances the beauty of the bride on her special day.

4. Long Floral Braid

A floral braid is a pleasant option for a chic and traditional look. It looks beautiful on long hair alongside with mongras or any flower wrapped around it. 

5. Twisted Fishtail

A fantastic option for long hair the twisted fishtail braid is a real game-changer and a trendsetter. It could never go out of fashion.

There are so many varieties and options for the Indian bridal hairstyles that one may get confused. And that is exactly why we have come up with some of the handpicked Indian bridal hairstyles that will help you to create a heavenly bridal look in Indian style. Get in touch with EVENT PANDA, to get yourself the best bridal hairstylist, today! 


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