Fabulously Fun Ways To Entertain Kids At Your Wedding!

by Admin Feb 28, 2020 at 05:11 pm WEDDING

The reality of a wedding is that they can be long and boring for kids. It's a common dilemma for couples who'd love to invite family and friends' little ones but fear screaming, tantrums and kids riot.

If you're inviting children to your wedding, why not ensure they have as good a time as the adults. How? Here are some fabulously fun ideas to keep kids busy at your wedding. After all, a group of ecstatic little guests will add life, laughter, and merriment to your celebration. 

1. Go creative with crayons

Prepare a colorful loot bag filled with art and crafts materials for your little guests. Not only will it keep them entertained, but it will also let their imaginations run wild.

2. A confetti party

 If there's one thing most kids can agree on, it's the absolute mess! Let them create a beautiful, celebratory mess to welcome you at the reception by creating a confetti booth like this one.

 3.Storytelling time

 Most adults find it difficult to get through wedding speeches, so spare a thought for the little ones who don’t have our skills of diplomacy – and tend to sleep, moan or, embarrassingly, shout out things like ‘Mummy, when is that man going to stop talking?’ when they go on a little too long. You can avoid such fiascos by ensuring they’re kept quiet by inviting them to a storytelling session that happens to coincide with the speeches. What child will ever refuse a good fairytale?

4. Treats to look forward to

If your little wedding party attendants are acting up before, during or after the ceremony, they’re probably wound up from all the excitement, upset they’re not getting attention or, honestly, just hungry. Keep them cheerful with something sweet—under the condition, they stay on their best behavior.  kids love a little competition so, tell them whoever is the best behaved in the group will be rewarded with a sweet surprise at the reception—just don’t forget to deliver on your promise.

5. Game Room 

For an active bunch, turn the play space into a game room. Rent or borrow ping-pong or air hockey tables, a Nerf ball, a basketball, Twister, Hula-Hoops, jump ropes and more. If you’re having a hotel or country club wedding, you may find all the equipment you need right on the grounds. If yours is a more relaxed outdoor wedding, set up lawn games and activities like a three-legged race, cornhole or a classic game of hide-and-seek.

6. If all else fails, hire an entertainer

If your budget allows, go all out and hire professional entertainment, like a caricature artist, fortune teller, clown, storyteller, magician or impersonator (think Spiderman, Cinderella or Mickey Mouse)—and if you’re having a themed wedding.
It's an easy way to keep the kids happy and distracted while the adults mingle and enjoy champagne.

Event Panda has many options that cover wedding entertainment for children and we know how to childproof your wedding. It's important there is a specific room for the little guests, we find that, in our experience, our Magic Show package works best at weddings, due to the wide age range of children in attendance. Our wedding entertainment packages are all performed by the one marvelous entertainers, which keep your costs down. 

We can also supply add ons such as an additional balloon modeler, an appearance by one of their favorite cartoon characters, some fun circus skills where all the children can join.


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