Celebrate Relationship Milestones: During the Coronavirus Crisis

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Relationship milestone is so important as well as meaningful, people usually celebrate milestone to rejoice the big moments of life. However, we all know that the whole world is going through a crisis, a pandemic and if you’re celebrating a relationship milestone while social distancing, you can still mark the occasion in a special and memorable way. 

In these difficult times, while so many aspects of our have been on hold many occasions haven't. The dates still can unfold and you and your partner can rejoice these milestones of your lives like- birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and more. 

These events deserve to be celebrated no matter what's going on around the world because these are some cute and important events that uplift your soul and relationship and brings joy and smile on your face. It also shows that what we value in our lives and helps to remind you that you chose each other.

When we celebrate relationship milestones, we reminisce on the stories that brought us together, which brings feelings of appreciation and rekindles feelings that may have been overshadowed by routine and stressors we may be facing, like the current situation of COVID19.

Celebrating certain relationship milestones can be very helpful to empower you for the future ahead both short-term and long-term. 

These goals need not only to include concrete things like finances, but they should also include aspirational things like places you hope to travel to together.

Although, it's not the most perfect circumstances to celebrate relationship milestones, here are some suggestions for how to make them special through the pandemic. 


As we know that countless couples were getting engaged pre-COVID-19 and, while some may postpone the milestone, many are unwilling given the uncertainty that comes along with the nature of a pandemic. But... if we seriously think about this there is no reason to let the situation interrupt the natural progression of a relationship, even if you’re unable to pull off the kind of dreamy and fancy engagement you’d normally desire.

Couples who desire to get engaged can commemorate their engagement with jewelry they already own if they have not already purchased an engagement ring—a special necklace, a ring they already wear, or a piece of jewelry that was previously gifted to their sweetheart will do the work. 

Sweet homely decorations in terms of setting the stage for popping the question, creating a romantic atmosphere, with music, candles, and a home-cooked meal. 

Saying “I Do”

There is no doubt that the wedding industry is going through rough time especially those with plans to get married during the next couple of months. Thousands of couples have had to reschedule their wedding as a result of the pandemic. Yet the special date deserves to be celebrated with home-cooked meals, candlelights and a bottle of champaign. Celebrations have no bounds or restrictions, it can still be celebrated in romantic and cute ways.

Anniversary Celebration

A wedding anniversary typically involves only you and your spouse, it’s understandably a little easier to celebrate during the coronavirus pandemic. It is quite obvious that you two were possibly isolated together, what better way than celebrating it together from home quietly in peace. We understand many of you are used to it in a very grand way like- going out to a nice fancy dinner or show, etc. 

This can also happen at home, you can prepare a fancy meal together it is the right time to embrace your inner "Master Chef". Or you can order food and sit together to binge-watch your favorite tv show or do a slideshow of your courtship and watch it together, look at old photo albums and create a timeline of your relationship and dance to your wedding song by candlelight and order gifts for each other. There are a plethora of ideas when it comes to the celebration of relationship milestones at home. 

Getting Pregnant

Pregnancy is a whole new experience for a couple, it is exciting, stressful, and sometimes overwhelming yet gives you happiness. However, becoming pregnant amidst the coronavirus pandemic may bring up mixed feelings for parents-to-be. You both will be indulged in worrying about what it may mean to get the virus while pregnant, anxieties around having multiple doctor visits, and wondering if it is safe to be at a hospital to give birth if the virus is still around. 

There are plenty of things to get anxious about, yet you can put these negative thoughts aside for a while and celebrate parenthood with your loved ones. If you do find yourself pregnant, however, there’s absolutely no reason not to celebrate this undoubtedly exciting news. You can share your news with friends and family over FaceTime or Zoom or send an announcement photo. Share this incredible news with your close circle like your BFFs and family only, and can also host an online or virtual party for it and play games like- guessing of the sex of the baby, how the baby will look, etc.

Welcoming a New Baby

Having a baby is such a joyous and emotional experience it is like an emotional roller coaster ride with a little bit of paranoia. This relationship milestone is absolutely remarkable but due to COVID-19, it can be met with quite a lot of stress and anxiety. Many birth plans are out the window and there are limits on who is able to be present in the delivery room. 

To the bright side, however, the stay-at-home policy will also create a natural "parental leave" experience where both parents are at home, and now with everyone working from home, both partners will have more opportunities to bond with the baby and share in the magical, day-to-day experiences of caring for a newborn. 


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