Start to Finish: A Bachelorette Party Planning Guide

by Admin May 11, 2020 at 03:30 pm WEDDING

Whether you are a bride who is planning her own bach bash, or her BFF bridesmaid who is facing multiple tasks and duties and having no idea how to even begin with the bachelorette party plan all alone. 

No matter how unique or out of the box is your plan is, there’s a formula for planning the perfect bach party weekend-all you need is to follow these steps and planning a bachelorette party will be both foolproof and fun.

So, what's holding you back? Let's get started and work through how to plan a bachelorette party.

Step 1 - Pre-Plan

If you’re a bridesmaid and also the BFF, now’s the time to pick the bride's brain about the bachelorette party weekend she’s always dreamed of. 

If you are the bride, you’ll need to grab coffee or tea with your BFF/bridesmaid and/or planning committee and share all of these ideas and inspirations with them.

Details like location, theme, and guest list plus smaller details like whether matching outfits will be required or what kind of excursions might be on the itinerary are essential to know before the planning process begins. 

Step 2 - Get The Girls On Board

Just like the wedding, it is also important that you save the date of the bachelorette party weekend, this information should be sent out way ahead of time. 

This is important for two reasons: One, to lock in the guest list and make sure everyone has plenty of time to plan and save up, and two, so everyone can start pitching in with planning the bachelorette party. 

These invites don't have to be expensive because online invitations are fun, often free, and there’s no risk of anyone losing the info! Just don't forget to include the date, location, and your email for questions.

Step 3 - Jot Down the Big Details

Once you get the idea that who is up for the bachelorette party, you start zeroing in on the big details when it comes to how to plan the bachelorette party. Choose a hotel or cottage, find the right flights or rental car, and lock in any must-haves!

You don't have to execute things yet, but once you Jot down, try not to change them as it is important to commit to these to keep your planning smooth sailing and everyone has invested in this so keep that in mind too.

Step 4 - Set All of the Deadlines

Now that you’ve got decisions made, you’ll need to book ASAP - which means you’ll need money from the people on the guest list. Set deadlines for booking and for guests to send their cash by, so you can lock everything in. 

Collect all that cash book the flights/tickets for the gang asap! If they are booking their own flights/transportation, set a deadline for them to do that, too.

Step 5 - Plan the Itinerary

Now that the guest list, location, lodging, and transportation are locked, you can plan your day-to-day activities. This can be overwhelming for some planners, ask for help, and don’t overthink it. 

It’s better to under plan for bachelorette parties than to over plan and feels anxious about hitting every event.

Just pick a few key events for each day and enjoy free time. People love wasting time arguing about restaurants, so you can save that by researching and reserving tasty spots ahead of time—brunches and dinners are great to plan ahead, but you can leave breakfast and lunch free. 

Once you have everything sorted out, send the itinerary around to the gang so they can start getting excited and overwhelmed!

This interesting blog about planning the bachelorette party will be continued tomorrow, as there are a plethora of guidelines which we would love to share with you till then stay tuned with Event Panda!


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