Before The Day Of Your Wedding: Know Which Food To Avoid

by Admin May 25, 2020 at 03:18 pm MISCELLANEOUS

Obviously on your big day, you want your skin to glow and your hair to shine as much as possible. Greasy foods can also make your hair harder to style, so swap sugars, refined and processed foods with healthier options. 

These 8 foods to avoid bloating and discomfort before your wedding. So, let's get started! 


According to a study, cheese has more salt than a pack of potato chips. I know it’s hard to resist those cheesy burgers and pizzas, but fat and the sodium quantity in them can infuriate bloating and cause nausea. 

The last thing you would want on your wedding day is fatigue hitting you! So avoid it completely. Say no more to cheese at least till the day of your wedding.

Artificial Sweetener

You might think you're doing a good thing by swapping out fake sugar for the real deal, but not so fast. 

Sugar alcohol, which is commonly found in diet soda, sugar-free candy, and artificial sweeteners, is hard to digest for many people, leading to bloating and discomfort. 

Before heading down the aisle, cut back on the sweet stuff — whether real or fake — and you'll find yourself feeling lighter and more energized.

Salty Foods

Binge-watching, a moment later we realize an entire bag of chips is consumed! Salty foods are a definite no on the days leading up to your wedding. Since sodium causes you to retain water, try to stay under 2,300 mg per day. 


Like dairy, gluten doesn't affect everyone in a negative way, but it is another type of food known to cause bloating, cramps, and gas in many people. 

To be on the safe side, eliminate gluten one to two weeks before the wedding to see if it has any effect on your digestive system. 

Cruciferous Vegetables

Normally we'd be all about munching down on cruciferous vegetables like cauliflower, cabbage, brussels sprouts, and broccoli, but not if you are aiming for a flat belly. 

Like beans, these veggies contain a cube of sugar that is broken down in the body by methane-producing bacteria. 

The result? A bloated belly and a not-so-sweet effect that will have guests remembering you for the wrong reason as you march down the aisle.


Anyone who has tied one on can tell you how puffy they feel the next morning (even more so when too many beers or sugary cocktails are involved). 

From sulfur-bearing gases to weakening the digestive system, there are a few reasons alcohol can have you feeling like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man in your all-white dress. 

Save the toast for the day off and cut out alcohol during the two weeks leading up to the big day.

Chewing Gum

The next time you need a fresh-breath fix, reach for mint instead of a piece of gum. Counting out the fact that many varieties contain bloat-inducing sugar alcohol, chewing on gum causes you to swallow more often, including an excessive amount of air that goes straight to your belly.

Garlic and Onion

From kissing your new spouse to mingling with all your guests, the last thing you want to gift is garlic and onion breath... 

Even with the save of mouthwash or a piece of gum, the smell of garlic can actually resurface through the bloodstream. Nonetheless, save your breath by avoiding those pungent food odors altogether.


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